Life Before Sugar…

…Was very boring.

That is not entirely true. My life was and still is plagued by men finding me increasingly attractive as they get to know me, mirrored by my growing distaste. The men I do find interesting? Consider my hobbies and quirky personality to be a bit too out of the realm of “normalcy”. Oh, and lets not forget that physically abusive relationship with the guy who killed cats. No no, never ever forget that one. So when fear of commitment creeps in and the reality that you are going to put yourself in debt just to follow your passion for HELPING others, what is a girl to do? Overdose on sweets…or better yet, get some real Sugar.

Enter Nadia, stage left.

Lets break it down on who Nadia is and what made her pursue a life in the sugar bowl. Nadia is not my real name, obviously, but boy does it have a nice ring to it. One of my favorite people in existence has the first name of Nadia and everything about her just smells of class and pure fabulousness. Something I want and am trying endlessly to achieve. Which is harder than one might think!

So what makes me so quirky that I may be valuable in the sugar world, even though my looks are average? Well, lets start with the obvious : I am a pretty clever girl. I am able to adapt to any situation, social or work, and go with it. I enjoy spontaneity, adventure, and all things risky. This is a far cry from the social anxiety ridden teenager I once was, making every day a secret adjustment that no one around me seems to pick up on. Follow this up by the fact that I have recently lost quite a bit of weight but still managed to keep my AMAZING ass, and you have a kind of big deal. Sprinkle in the fact that I enjoy hobbies most females don’t including sports, lifting weights, video games, and good food…well….that doesn’t sound attractive at all, now that I type it. However, it is. I am well rounded on a level I don’t often find within my peers. After taking a step back to try and figure out what makes me so “me”, I started to get a little big headed, and sugar has definitely helped.

Here I will chronicle how sugar started ~3 weeks ago and where I look to go with it. I will try to keep this updated as much as possible but with a busy schedule of work, fitness (gym twice a day!), sugaring, and still dating outside of all of this madness….who knows what will come or where.

Until then, try not to get your panties in a bunch about my lifestyle (:


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