The First Taste of Sugar Part I

After toying with the idea for a few weeks, I finally bit the bullet and joined a Sugar website. I quickly uploaded a few random shots which, now looking back, really need to be replaced, and created a quick little blurb about how awesome I am / Why everyone should feel lucky to even be near me. Laugh. Yeah.

The first day I was drowned in messages from as close as 5 miles away and as far as the other side of the U.S. While this was all exciting, I was a bit overwhelmed and decided to take matters in to my own hands. After a quick search with a very broad criteria, I landed on an Asian-Indian man who seemed to be as fit as could possibly be for his age of 38 and equally rich. I fired off a quick wink as well as a request to view his private photos. To my surprise and pure delight, the winks and messages were returned, starting our little adventure.

We will refer to him as K, like for potassium, because I should probably consume more of that delicious substance. But let me get back on track.

From the first few messages we gathered that we were both very much in to fitness, good food, and enjoyed traveling. He was weary of the site because everyone seemed more curious than sure of what they wanted, something I wish I had paid better attention to. Either way, after finally exchanging phone numbers and texting for an entire day, which by the way, included him having someone type his texts FOR HIM while he worked, we finally decided to meet for dinner the coming weekend, halfway between our locations which ended up being an hour drive for both of us.

The idea excited me. I was about to meet with an older man, at a restaurant I had never been to in a town I had never explored. I sucked at parallel parking and the idea sent more fear into my heart that any other thought about the entire evening. As I picked out a floral dress with matching floral wedges, I set out on my first ever Sugar Date.


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