The First Taste of Sugar Part III

The part of the date where the Arrangement discussion came in to play is where it got a little weird. For three reasons, the first mainly being that I wished he would go POOF! in a cloud of smoke for 3 minutes so I could scarf down the homemade gellato we were sharing, allowing me time to make up an excuse as to where it all went as my stomach did a happy dance.

No. Really though. It did get weird.

He expressed that an arrangement with a married couple had put him through college. He lived in the house while the husband was away on work, which was most of the year, and made sure to take GREAT care of the wife. The kicker? The HUSBAND employed him. Interesting. Very Interesting.

Thats when he started spilling that he was ok with his sexuality as the husband had gone down on him a few times but he had never imagined he was gay for partaking. I quietly sipped my water, wishing very hard at that moment that it was wine, and praying for this awkward part of the conversation to end. It of course did, leaving him to ask me what my expectations were. Oh boy. Here it is. The big moment where I define myself as a SB.

Here comes the fail.

I had read on blog after blog to NEVER EVER name a price, allow them to, and then try to double it. Haggle if you will. If you name a price outright, you can get caught for some sort of prostitution etc which in hindsight WAS SUCH A STUPID FEAR because we did not even so much as hit first base yet! I instead ended up looking like a deer caught in headlights, agreeing to a $2500 monthly allowance for 3 visits, including normal dates with overnights when we get to that level. He explained that during those times, I was his girlfriend, but away from there we were completely separate people. I was ready to pounce on the deal but then he uttered the line I knew had put the nail in the coffin for any future plans :

“So, would you come back with me tonight?”

Fuck. Fuckfuckfuckfuck. I looked at him sweetly and politely declined. Remember what I said before about NOT sleeping with the SD on first meet, especially if terms were not set in stone? My very first rule was already being threatened. He said he was shocked and I could feel the air in the room change ever so slightly. Regardless, I remained optimistic as we walked back to our cars. When I went in for the goodbye hug I again realized failure. This man had just spent $150+ on our dinner and I am giving him a HUG?! I once had sex outside of a waffle house after being treated to a hot chocolate with chocolate chips in it and I was giving this man a HUG?! I quickly fixed the error and we(he) enjoyed a nice tongue on tongue action. I was self conscious as I had finished our meal with a cup of black coffee ( uuuugh stupid mistake. Rookie. ) and probably cut the action a little short. He asked me to text him when I arrived home and he looked forward to seeing me again. With a quick tap to my ass and a giggle from me, we were both walking back to our cars to start our hour long journeys home.

We talked a few more days after that but eventually our texts became less frequent, his planning of the next date less specific, and my interest in other POTs growing larger and larger. I had learned so much from this one date that I promised not to repeat the same mistakes again.

Which I am sure I will soon enough.


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