Random Sugar is the Best Sugar.

After bailing on a scheduled date with an MIT grad which is a story for a whole different time, I opted to spend my Good Friday in the house doing what I do best. Playing video games. So sexy, how do I not have them lining up?!?!?! Hahaha. Oh boy. I keep this fun fact a pretty big secret.

An important part of sugaring I have noticed, is to keep all options open. Being from a small town with minimal SDs in sight, it is a constant battle to keep on top of new ones that pop up as well as all the ones sending you massive amounts of winks and messages. But on a Friday night in? Sugar can wait. Or so I thought.

As I finished up the billionth round of Defense of the Ancients 2, I tabbed out of the game screen to check my messages. There, nestled between winks from men double my age, was a message from a new account with a simple title “Drinks or dinner tonight?”. Ooooooh. Aaaaaah. The inside read of an attractive young married businessman who had missed his morning flight and was stuck in town for one more night.

He was looking for a distraction.Me? Not so much. Maybe. Ok, I’ll bite.

I fired off a reply asking location and thought nothing of it as I had responded about an hour later than when it was sent. Cue me starting another round of DoTA2 which ended fairly quickly almost as if it was fate! I tabbed back out and to my surprise received another message with a phone number and an address of the hotel. I weighed the options of sitting in being a lazy schmuck or possibly getting some sugar on Gods weekend.

Sugar won

I shot off a text explaining I was by the area anyway with some friends so I would stop by for a quick drink. I stressed I was coming from a casual girls night at a friends so my attire was just that, skinny jeans and a nice cute sweater. He said that was fine as it was exactly what he was wearing. He told me to be careful as there was a rather large Indian wedding taking place in the hotel but “Fear not! I am by the window on the second floor of the restaurant working on my laptop. Blue sweater with normal jeans.” Thank God I pulled that story out of my ass, I was in no mood to get dressed up. The virtual slaughter of my enemies that had taken place all day was fresh in my mind, making me feel more driven and competitive than normal. The smell of their virtual blood hung heavy in the air—hahahahahhahahaha ok let me stop. Seriously though, I was feeling pretty empowered.

After a quick drive there, I was greeted by an absolutely drop dead gorgerous man working tirelessly on his computer at a table far too large for just him. The blue sweater brought out his grey eyes and I will admit, I stood back to just admire him for a moment. Once I realized how awkward that would be if he caught me, I walked up to the table with a new found confidence and before I had even ordered my drink from the admittedly sluggish waitress, he was expressing how excited he was that I responded to his messages. The conversation was great, covering everything from my recent stint on a dodgeball league to his favorite TV Shows including Game of Thrones and Vikings. Before I knew it, two hours had passed and our second or third round of drinks was complete. The moment of truth was coming, I could feel it.

“Want to go up to my room and watch a movie?” he asked with the most innocent freakin smile in existence. I felt at ease and agreed but on my terms. I wanted a room in my name and a pinky swear not to murder or rape me. Both were delivered without question and up we went to the 9th floor to watch the Wolf of Wall Street as we chowed down on cheese cake and apple pie.

We chatted, cuddled, kissed a little bit, and generally had a fun time together. THIS is what these things are all about! Then the transactional came and we agreed on payment terms with emphasis on if I needed anything more to just email him and we will work it out in between his once a month business trips. He then gave me all of the info I needed to know…

“I love how attentive you are…you’re already beautiful but it makes you that much more attractive to me. I just want to lay here with you all weekend.”

BAM. Attention. The silver bullet. Exactly what I need to know to get these tides going even further in my favor. We eventually fell asleep cuddled up next to each other, exchanging light kisses and touches as we slept for the few hours we were allowed before the dreaded 4am wake up call. We woke up discussing how badly we both wanted mimosas and how the next visit surely had to include brunch. After a quick shower, a stop at the ATM, and a kiss on the forehead, he was gone.

I had no phone number. I had no address. All we had was exchanged email addresses and shared agreement that this was an arrangement we would like to pursue.

He told me to order whatever room service I would like and to sleep in, the room was covered for however long I needed it. I pretended that I was able to go back to sleep but lets be honest..I was up and counting that money, sipping my freshly brewed Starbucks, and munching on fresh fruit with yogurt before I’m sure he was even through the first round of airport security.

Ain’t no shame in this game, that’s for sure.


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