I am not a pornstar, please look elsewhere.

After my epic Skype creep out last night, I woke up feeling like I had taken part in a Winamp streamed porno. I of course sucked at the main role because my responses to “What can you do for Daddy for five minutes on cam?” were absolutely not in character. “I’m too tired, you called me so late..” or “Why not just wait until you’re here? Cam makes me look awful.” and finally “My roommates home, I can’t really be sneaky about this entire thing.”

Looking back, no money was given ahead of time and as such, I will not give up even the slightest blink of flesh besides my ADORABLE smile. I learned from other posts what NOT to do. When I met my first and currently only SD, who I have yet to give a name oddly enough, that was all he paid for. That was what he was content with. He said he found my wit, humor, and free spirit to be well worth the money. This event really hit home how each situation is different and SOME situations I am really NOT ok with. Will I be ok with them in time once I get a bit more of a sugar rush? Maybe.

Do I fear that day? A little.


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