Jet Setter?

After the very sweet but socially awkward MIT grad who paid me $100 + bought me lunch on Saturday, I was craving someone else thick in the technology field.

Enter new POT.

We will call him China since he travels there a lot for his work. He is new to the scene, joining after a married friend suggested it to him. He is 42ish(?) but looks early 30s. I was unsure of having a long distance SD but after reading blog after blog of these jet setters, I couldn’t help toy with the idea. So, I finally shot him a message and we actually seem to click very well! We talked on the phone for about 40 minutes and he was refreshingly upfront. He has no kinks, not married but does have a kid, is a huge foodie, and lived in Japan for 2 years. Newsflash : I loved my 9 day stint in Japan and will talk your ear off about it given the chance. He has simple requests like always wear very feminine clothing(skirts), no perfume, and very light if no make up. Check, check, and check. Easy enough, why not? Oh, and he has a maid in China that makes bangin food apparently.

Then the sad part hit. He will be going to China on the 6th until June.That leaves no time to meet before he goes as he is currently in chicago on an impromptu business meeting. Oh how I wish to fly to Chicago right now just so I can meet him and get the curiosity out of my system. He seems to be a good match for me, all things considered, but June? Can I wait until June? I already have 2 other POTs lined up for this coming week alone, one including a short term $2800/mo + shopping agreement for a span of 4 months.

What if I get involved with one or two added on to my once a monther and then BAM he is back from China and I am suddenly overwhelmed right in the middle of my school semester? I never intended to even have more than one but with so many POTs, the situation is becoming even more and more realistic.

Maybe I should try to get an invitation to Chicago for dinner. Could I do that? I am pretty god damn brave, I travel by myself all of the time, but jet setter brave? I have seen Taken, after all.

I wish I had a date for when my SD is coming back in to town, I am anxiously awaiting the email. When he was showering I turned on his phone to see if it was locked and…it wasn’t. His wallpaper was also a chinese fighting fish. I was terrified I would somehow leave tracks in those tricky iPhones and quickly turned it back off, setting it back in the same exact position it was. Old habits from my non-sugar days ( A WHOLE THREE WEEKS AGO LOL ) are not dying quickly enough, huh?

Oh look, he wants to pay me for a skype call. I look washed out on cam and am sure this will turn out badly but hey, thats the fun part of the sugar bowl. There is always more sugar to dip in to.


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