Around midday I received a text from creepy skype guy simply stating “I guess you decided against this. bye.” YUP. Bye.

Then followed by that was a response to my earlier good morning text to Chinaman. He apologized for not answering or talking but he was with a client and would get back to me. I didn’t reply and instead waited for his eventual text which came about 4 hours later in the form of him asking me if I had eaten yet and if so, what was it? Hmmm. I lied, named something delicious, when I had actually had chile con carne from the cafeteria at work. Did I mention I burned my tongue? Shit sucked. I also had carrot cake WOMP WOMP WOMP.

Either way, we agreed on a Skype date later and after a struggle with Chicago Hotel internet, it finally came. He looks shockingly like my ex boyfriend just with more class and better clothing. We briefly chatted about everything, my cats being obnoxiously wild behind me, and I realized how easy it was with him. I put on a floral summer top to make it seem like I wore something besides work clothes, gym clothes, and PJs….even though I normally don’t unless I am sugaring, haha. He stated how cute it was and he couldn’t wait to see me in all sorts of dresses. Yeah, he thought it was a dress. Totes played it off. After such a nice Skype call and subsequent phone call when Skype died, I was really digging the idea of this being my BIG FISH SD.

Somehow though, I caught myself back online, frustrated that for the first time since I started, I had not received a single sugary message that day. Panic set in as I tried to decide if I needed to change my profile, pictures, my outlook? What was it?!

Then I just realized it was a Thursday. And that is my reasoning.

But…wait…why is my BIG FISH marked as ONLINE NOW? Was he not as entertained by me as he expressed, even setting up future skype times this weekend? Why would he need to be on there? I can’t decide if I am annoyed that I am annoyed or actually annoyed that he preaches exclusivity but is still keeping an eye out.

Fine. Two can play that game, Chinaman Big Fish-er.


2 thoughts on “Skype SUCCESS!

  1. TheBloggingSD says:

    First of all a great blog thus far. Your writing style is quite humorous and has me hooked.
    Secondly I”ve always struggled with that in my mind, I”ve chatted with a SB and things are great, we’ve even decided what the arrangement will look like. Why are you still online?
    Thoughts of, am I not good enough! it took me a while, but I realized, I don’t care if a SB plays the field. More power to her. I’m not looking for exclusivity. The thing is normal convention calls for exclusivity, normal relationships assume one for one and all that jazz. But sugaring isn’t normal, and adjusting to that mind set can be different!
    Keep blogging – just wanted to comment to add fuel to the blogging fire.

    • Woot woot, thank you! I enjoy yours a lot as well 🙂 Its nice to get a peek inside the head of a SD.

      We have discussed what he expects action wise from me and mentioned trips but our financial agreement has not been discussed, which is probably my fault. I imagined when he flies down in June to see me, then it would be agreed upon. If he were to gift me BEFORE that, it would be the kind of deal where he “put a ring on it” and if he wanted exclusivity at that point well thats exactly what he would get.

      But just texting and skyping me with no gifts? He is as much in the POTs pool as anyone else, making me feel less bad about checking SA. It’s actually pretty hypocritical but females are not very logical! 😛

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