I lost at the Pirate games.

Dammit. So, heres how it played out.

I meet Pirate at the food court and he looks KIND of like his pictures, kind of not. He looked a little more built in his and apparently I looked a little more thin. Nice. See why I am eating a salad as I type this? He was your typical Tech company CEO with very little fashion sense but for some reason I found it endearing. He was wearing a video game joke shirt which cracked me up but also made me realize how overdressed I was in my white and purple flower print spring dress. Oh well, everyone kept complimenting me on it as we walked around so at least it was appreciated!

We decided to act like our age (Me 23 ( actually 26 but I am a dirty lying liar.) and him 24) and get bottomless root beer floats and delicious dive bar food. I like this guy. We talked about everything from cars to a womans role in marriage and eventually decided that we NEEDED to visit the fair across the street. I was hell bent on not kissing this man and getting my shopping trip but as I looked at his attire : white socks pulled up way too high with black loafers and grey shorts, I couldn’t help but wonder if I was about to get my first taste of Splenda.

We arrived at the fair and as he got our entrance fee for the park, we decided on getting TONS of tickets for rides even though we only wanted to ride two of them and give the rest to a random kid. Ok. I kinda wanna kiss this guy now. He was slowly winning me over. By the time we made it to the ferris wheel, where he appropriately pointed out our hotel because I lost the wager, he went in for the kiss and I gladly accepted. Farewell, new gym shoes and summer dress. We played a few park games, both of us being absolutely horrible, and decided to take the risk of food poisoning with a stack of fried oreos. Oh god, this mans mission is to kill all of my two a days gym work. They were sinfully delicious and I now know why all of America is so goddamn fat. Over the fried oreos is when I discovered the weird quirk to Pirate : He has a TON of SBs, all different age ranges, and he hopes to acquire even more so he can find “the one”. Uh, huh? What? Thats a little odd he would seek this avenue for that but whatever floats your boat! He expresses he pays for the time he spends with his SBs and can explore many different routes at once instead of a ton individually which he says, and I agree, is kind of emotionally exhausted once feelings get invested only for it to fall through. I was having fun and decided I was going to break my rule. I was going to have sex with him on the first sugar date.

Boy am I glad I did. I never imagined a tech CEO would be so well endowed and so good at using those endowments. I have many a nerd friend but none have ever come close to being this sexually desirable to me for some reason. Either way, it was pretty good and afterwards, as we laid next to each other, trying to regain coherent thought, he asked me what my dreams were. I explained how much I love my job and how exciting it was to have an impact on someones life every single day. Working with the very ill and terminally ill every day really does give you a different outlook on a lot, especially with what society tells you is and is not ok. Thats a whole different blog though 🙂

I am kind of unsure about him though, he looks like splenda but is intelligent on a level I would expect him to be if all he says is true. He brought his “project” card to the date, an older pontiac. He popped the hood and explained everything he planned to do to it so I could believe him on that front. Maybe. But no shopping, even after the really good sex? I know he mentioned “I like to wait until date 3 so I know its a real connection, the first one is always just the honey moon phase.” but really?

So I got food, fair, coffee, water, and great sex. Nothing to pay off my tuition bill, which is looming! Oh nursing school, why must you be so pricey? I guess I’ll hold on for two more dates before I get hit with the sickening feeling you get from too much artificial sweetener or the intense sugar rush. Either way, he is already discussing a Cancun trip at the end of the month. I would rather not die in Mexico but hey, I do miss those beaches.


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