Pirate Games!

As I was laying in bed, waking up from my second round of “I don’t wanna get up yet, lets stay here a little while longer…”, my phone rings. It’s Pirate. He asks me how quickly I can be ready and what I want to do. I stupidly say 45 minutes and then flash on I HAVE NOT GOTTEN MY NAILS DONE OR ANY OF MY WAXING DONE. FUCK. WHY DIDN’T WE STICK TO SUNDAYS PLAN.

I’ve heard of SDs doing this “How quickly?” game and now I fell into the goddam trap. I have an hour and a half to pick out the perfect items of clothing and make it to the mall for cupcakes, coffee, and what he thinks will be kisses.

Cmon now. I’m winning this bet. We are going to be AT A MALL. I MUST SHOP.

I also must wax so he will NOT be getting in to my pants. This is a “Big Fish”, listing his budget as “High” AND I DON’T EVEN HAVE MY NAILS DONE. ugh.


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