So salty.

After what I now believe to be my first run in with Splenda yesterday, I was feeling a bit salty. I went on a winking and messaging spree, feeling a little desperate but enjoying all the eye candy at the same time. There really are a ton of SDs in Toronto, holy crap!

I was feeling so spiteful that I came along a profile labeled “Don’t waste my time if you’re not a dime”….oooooh I had to read that one. He went in to such specifics, which I can’t fault him for, but came off sounding incredibly egotistical and just not a fun person to be around. The kicker is him using “waist” instead of “waste” through his profile.

You know me. I had to message him and point out his offensive failure at the usage of the word. It just made me feel a little better. I think I may be bad at this Sugar game. Life outside of the sugar bowl last night ended with meeting another friend from elementary school totally randomly and ending up at someone elses house sitting by a fire with my best friend as the sun came up. Two men were fighting over my attention, one being off the wall excited I jokingly denied a beer with the term “Can’t, it doesn’t fit my macros.” and another being so stand offish but obviously taking every chance he could get to start any conversation up with me.

Its nice to be fought over after such an artificial day. Good times, good times.


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