The SD Wishlist.

So, I realized girls do wishlists for things all the time. I want these shoes and this purse! Oh, and this dress! Oh my god how did I forget THOSE SHOES?! Kind of a dear Santa thing. Now, I’m not big on the materialistic stuff…yet..I could see that changing once the sugar rush hits a stride which I’m hoping is soon, but I am big on what I look for in an SD. After my handful of encounters, I can now say what I will probably finally settle on for an SD.

So, heres my list.
Dear Santa,

This is Nadia writing with the heaviest of hearts. After getting that quesy feelings you get after consuming artificial sweetener, I am now narrowing down what I find acceptable/doable. So, here is my list in an organized manner as to not get confused and to ensure speedy delivery. Deliver these or Rudolph gets it.

  • Job : Medical or Tech. I am passionate and VERY knowledgeable about BOTH of these topics. Huge plus.
  • Age : No matter as long as we look appropriate together. I don’t think I’ve reached the line where I am comfortable with someone obviously looking so different in age from me.
  • Marriage status : Would actually prefer married, they seem less likely to flake or go nutso.
  • Income : Enough to pay off my school and cover some other expenses. I mean, come on, I go to community college for now. It’s not university. This isn’t asking much.
  • Personality : Not overly sexual upon for meet. I need someone who I can eventually tell about my secret (to the sugar world) video game addiction, love of all things cupcakes, and won’t make fun of me when I trip over apparently nothing, though I am surely convinced the floor moves below me rather often. NFL Fan would be a plus, I could enjoy an NFL sunday with them in my jersey and yoga pants :o)
  • Lifestyle : HEALTHY. I can’t handle anyone who does NOT take fitness seriously as they will just bring me down. I didn’t start sugaring to bring myself down, I did it to raise myself up. Too much to ask? Tough fuckin cookies.
  • Misc. : Travel. I am down to travel, when I feel like they won’t trade me off into sex slavery. I freakin love to travel, I eat up new towns and experiences like I am a starved Snorlax. However, I’m noticing a lot of men push this fairly early? Also, would rather them be shorter so I can get away with not wearing 6 inch heels every goddam dinner. Those things are horrible for you. Hopefully this POT chiropractor is aware of such a bad health choice. Hahaha…yeah right…

Not much, right?!

Gosh, I really hope my SD hits me up on when hes going to be in town. I am terrified he got cold feet as I was his first experience and he is married. Ruh ohhhhh


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