POTs! POTs everywhere!

Oh boy. Just when I was feeling pretty rejected from lack of wink/messages, I am right back to cloud nine. I sent off enough messages and winks to men who fit MY criteria that I am sure my ISP thinks I am a spambot. So, lets break these down with their sometimes hilarious nicknames, shall we?

Dr Robtonik
Ok, I know I’m a bad person for this BUT he is a Doctor AND he looks like a young Dr Robotnik from Megaman. I crack myself up sometimes. Anwyay, hes a doctor who is about 2hrs away and is already very upfront about wanting a submissive SB. Hmmm…I might be able to play that role? I am pretty outspoken but if its for someone I want to make happy, you can call me Submissive Sally. The whole Doctor thing is also a weakness for me as I can’t get enough medical knowledge to fill my noggin. I am meeting him this saturday from an early lunch to which he advised to me pack a change of clothes for dinner, just incase he likes me. Hmmm…you’re a doctor and just won’t buy me the outfit for the dinner? Bad sign…

Lolita is an IT professional (grrr rawr yummm) and high school soccer coach who is younger than your average SB. A ripe age 27. Ok, I can work with this. He is an experienced SD (?!?! how?!) and is very open, answering any questions I pose. Which is exactly where the nick name Lolicon comes from. A lolicon is a japanese term for someone who has a lolita complex. This guy? Huge one, almost kind of worrisome. When asked why he likes much younger SBs, he said he finds younger girls more attractive, sexy, and open minded. He followed up with “I’m around my sisters friends all of the time so it just makes sense” HMMMMM WHAT?! This struck me as WAY off but also excited me because HAYYYY I look like I am fucking 12 years old. Woot woot.


Now, Houston is not in my criteria at all but somehow, he snuck in. He is a 44 year old lawyer in Houston,Texas who is easily one of most witty people I have messaged with. Hes very easy to talk to, responds appropriately to the subject matter without throwing in some perverted weirdo bullshit and seems to actually enjoy conversations with me. We have gone back and fourth over 40 times now and have settled on the weekend of the 17th for me to visit Texas. Yup. Thats right. I am flying to meet an SD for the very first time. I am not as nervous as I expected to be but then again I still have 10 days for those nerves to chalk up. He assured me he would get me a hotel room so I did not feel any pressure. I am going to try and fly in Saturday morning and be home in time sunday night for Game of Thrones. This can work. Heres hoping he flies me first class, never done that before!

Mr. FamishedMr. Famished got his nickname by saying how famished he was after missing brunch and how he was trying to rehydrate. He is a younger asian male who owns a few companies out of NYC and oddly enough, enjoys all things nerdy. Saweet. I have not let on just how nerdy I am yet but if I feel the situation is right, I may just throw out my average KDR in an FPS. Otherwise, he seems nice enough and enjoys my banter without being creepy. Yay. No more creeps please.

Philly is someone who responded to a message I sent over a week ago and has already set up a date for us to have drinks in Philadelphia this Sunday. He is very upfront with his arrangement ideas, including once a week visits with $300/per visit. I expressed how we will not be intimate on the first or maybe even the second date and he agreed. We will be seeing each other on Sunday to feel the situation out then take a few days to decide before we set it in stone. He is basically looking for a dinner date once a week and someone to explore Philly with. He also lives in Las Vegas half of the time (awwwyeah!!) and has expressed taking me if we get to that sort of agreement. Okay okay okay!

When it rains, it pours, huh? Heres hoping some of these pan out, especially with my school payment coming up in a little over a month.
Stay sweet ❤


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