Busy week!

I am very much enjoying chatting with  Houston, he is clever and makes me feel at ease. We may not share a lot of the same interests but I fully believe we can learn a lot from each other. He is recently divorced so I am sure there is something related to that that put him into sugarland. We discussed the plans some more last night, me stressing I was serious about going there on the 17th. He has the hotel picked out, the time frame of which I will arrive and leave, and I’m guessing planned events? I’m unsure on the last part. We have discussed that there will be no intimacy the first meet as I am not comfortable with that and he seems fine with it, even if he keeps making sexual jokes…which I am also unsure about. The hotel is at a huge mall, leading me to have super high hopes he will take me shopping. If not, I will probably go broke come the weekend of May 17th because those stores in there are KILLER. Oh my god. Will need to stock up on spring/summer SB dresses, thats for sure.

As it is May 6th, China left for his trip today. He will be gone a month and when he returns, he will be flying down to Baltimore for our dinner date. I am on the fence about this one as he seems to REALLY enjoy chatting on the phone with me, something I am not too fond of. It feels a little forced at times and he makes comments like “I just want to hear your voice…” that kind of put me on edge. If this was a relationship and I was crazy over you, yes, that would be cute. But having not met yet? Hummmm. I also mentioned I was a little stressed over tuition payment coming up and he seemed unworried and uninterested. How is he going to demand my time via skype etc for a WHOLE MONTH before we meet but not pony up any assistance? Not too fond of that idea but I may be able to lend it to the fact I am his first SB. I just really hope he is not looking for a relationship that can go somewhere besides sugar. No thank you.

Dr. Robotnik sure does enjoy sending selfies. It strikes me as a little odd since he is a grown man but who am I to tell him “Stop taking selfies at work, you should be seeing patients, not sending me these!”? All the physicians I’ve ever worked for didn’t even have a second to eat a snack, let alone take a couple selfies. I wonder how successful his practice really is?

I have 3 dates with POTs set up this week, my first being Thursday. I intend to go down to DC to have drinks with Lolicon and see how we click. After that, it looks like I am meeting Dr Robotnik for lunch/possibly dinner on Saturday. Follow this up with drinks with Philly Sunday and it seems I have a pretty sugar packed weekend. I need to get set in stone that there will be some sort of compensation for my philly trip as I am not trying to pay for tolls and gas. Time to put my big kid pants on and start demanding. Womp womp womppppp.


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