Is Sugar changing me?

I have barely dipped my toes in to the sugar bowl but it has already had an affect on me.

Take for example, me getting rejected by the Nutritionist I was kind-of-not-really seeing. We had just gone on another really good date to a local BBQ place I wanted to visit and everything seemed fine. He was touchy, feely, coupley, everything was good. A week or so passes after that and without word he finally admits he met someone and wants to explore that. Now keep in mind, this was round 2 of us trying to start something, with this time going much better than the first. The pre-sugar me would have been pretty upset because I seriously did enjoy his company….and the free medifast snacks. But the after-sugar me? I explained this all in another post, I know, but still. It was not a good thought process that followed.

Now, line up the fact I went and dropped crazy amounts of money on make up to make it look like I have never OWNED make up…and lol. I have not owned a drop of make up in 26 years of my life. I never had a desire and thought it was a pointless expense. Well….I bit the bullet and bought it. Now, I rarely go outside without a full face of neutral ( seriously can’t even tell I’m wearing it. Thank god. ) make up and have a new breeze of confidence.

Thats the big change : Confidence. Suddenly my confidence is through the roof. I hate the idea of letting other people have a hand in helping me recover my own self worth after the horribly abusive relationship I had 6 months ago (wow? Six months already? Shit.) but sugar has really helped. Having a gorgeous CEO wrap your hair around his finger and tell you its the most beautiful true brunette hes ever seen sure adds a little to your ego. As well as your wallet because now you don’t require those highlights you were so hoping for!

The final change is materialism…maybe. Apparently, I have always loved to shop but it never struck me that way. My co-worker pointed out I always come to work and show what pretty new outfit or shoes I just bought. Here I was thinking I HATED to shop…but then this text exchange happened and my reaction to it opened my eyes.

Me : Woohooo I’m free! 9 hour work shift complete. Day off tomorrow. Stuffed full of ice cream and pizza. I’m as happy as could be.
Houston : I think I could make you a little bit happier….
Me : Hows that?
Houston : It involves the galleria in Houston

<Insert my heart doing flips at the idea of entering that gigantic mall>

Even if he doesn’t take me shopping, which I really hope he does and sounds like he will, I get paid the day before. I’m sure I can still afford the next semester if I dip into my bank account a little bit, right?!


3 thoughts on “Is Sugar changing me?

  1. TheBloggingSD says:

    Sugar changes us all – lets face it. Whether we are a SD or a SB. They key is how do you control that change for the better.

    Sugaring is what you make of it – don’t let people define for you the scope in which you should view yourself. My personal thought on sugaring whether you’re a male or female – enjoy it for what it is. Enjoy it while it lasts. At some point you’ll move on with life. But no regrets!

    • Excellent comment, thank you. I’ve always thought I was a little more open minded and adventurous than most which is why I was even able to start sugaring. It just seems like a fun thing I can do ONLY at this age and would love any opportunity to try something new.

      I love it so far but see how people can get lost in it. I still do not approve of SBs who don’t have jobs or plans etc and purely sugar. I see this as a stepping stone in making me a better, more well rounded person.

  2. TheBloggingSD says:

    Noble thoughts – one thing for sure I can say about my sugaring experience was that it was a FUN look into different people – people I normally wouldn’t associate with in my social circles.

    I loved that part of it. It opened my eyes to the different people around. That’s always a learning experience. I learned both good and bad.

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