I think I may have lost Houston. In my drowsy state I mentioned not having the flight booked made me nervous. Big mistake. I accidentally let my normal life brain work instead of my sugar brain that understands the no pressure/only fun is the big part of being a successful SB. I tried to recover with a cute picture, we will see if it works. I hope it does, I think he would be a great fit — someone I could definitely learn from (he’s kind of a big deal) which is honestly the most attractive thing about the situation. Something about Lawyers and their wealth of knowledge across the board excites me something fierce. The last guy to break my heart was a lawyer who, surprisingly, never booked my flight to SD/Anywhere near him for a trip…hmm….

If it doesn’t work I still have 2 solid POTs this weekend and my once a month SD should arrive towards the end of the month.

Today was also kind of comical as to how I am leading a double life. Went on another date with, let’s call him B, and this time we went shopping for HIM. He needed jeans and needed my help. Oh boy. I was laughing inside about how backwards this was, I felt so sneaky. I also felt bad because I’m starting to really enjoy his company but want so badly to explore life in the sugar bowl some more.

Fingers crossed for Houston and I, I REALLY want to experience this trip/adventure!

Stay sweet ❤


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