So demanding from the other side of the world!

So, China. Lets talk about China.

China has actually been in China for a whole 3 days now. Three. Since then he has contacted me EVERY day, multiple ways, just to see what I had for lunch. Swear to god, this man is obsessed with my eating habits. A little odd but hey, at least he cares I am eating?!

Either way, it got a little confusing yesterday. He messaged me when I was out with friends and asked if we could talk. I declined and thought nothing of it. Later that night, as I am on the phone with my father..I received a whole buttload of Line chats. Bolded is him :

“what are u doing?”
“Getting ready for bed, talking to my dad…zzz…You?”
“I’m still in the bed..”
“I wish we are in the bed together…:-)”
“I want to kiss u and hold u in my arms…”

This is where I kind of paused for a second. I guess its cute he thinks I am so awesome but we also haven’t had our first meet yet, with this kind of stuff possibly putting extra expectations on our first meet. Ruh oh.

“Already think I’m that awesome?! :)”
“Yes sweetie…”
“Do u like hugs and kisses?”
-Gag me with a spoon-
“Of course, but I’m sure I’ll like yours best (:”
…Some time passes…
“Are u awake? Do u want to call me?”
“Hello? Are u awake? I have time, do u want to call me now?”
“I guess ur asleep…night night sweetie, sweet dreams.”

I don’t know why but his whole existence is starting to grate on my nerves. I should be doing cartwheels that a POT is so excited to talk with me and meet me but honestly? His constant need for attention is rather annoying, especially when he is not picking up no the hints about my financial situation as far as school goes. Ugh. I feel like he is the type that will request exclusivity and to be honest with you, unless he was covering EVERYTHING I need covered, I’m not ready to leave the adventures of the POTs in the sugar bowl. Its so exciting meeting different people and going to different places, I have been having a ton of fun! Well, minus the Splenda Pirate. But to be honest, even that was fun in its own right, even if it ended up being a total shitshow.

I guess I’ll continue to handle China with kiddy gloves, making sure to emphasize every day how we are getting oh so much closer to him flying in to my town for our date night. We shall see.


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