Tough weekend…

This weekend has bothered me more than I thought it would. The whole Mothers Day looming thing is really hitting me on a level I didn’t expect.

My Mother passed away in July and this will be the first Mothers Day without her. I would normally take her to Panera to get her favorite soup and then we would go buy her a pair of sandals for the summer. It was kind of a tradition thing and no matter how many times I offered to do something different, she wouldn’t have it.

Either way, I had two sugar dates planned for this weekend. Lunch with Dr Robotnik today and Drinks with Philly tomorrow. I didn’t want to be by myself last night so I ended up sitting outside in an old neighborhood with my friend from Elementary school. Its always so easy and fun to be around him as hes had his challenges in his life that make him seem so much less judgmental than people I’m used to being around. I feel like I can say anything without fault around him and it probably bites me in the ass because I have NO filter already. Either way, he has THE BEST body I have ever laid eyes ( and now hands. oops. ) on. Like literally, adonis lines FAH DAYZ. I had to force myself to walk away because if I didn’t I probably would have pounced on the poor man in the bed of his truck. I fear the day him and I are alone behind any sort of closed doors because I will probably take full advantage of the situation. I always said if I ever met someone after I started sugar, I would just stop with sugar all together and focus on them because THAT is something that is lasting but honestly? I’m having a lot of fun, learning a lot about myself, and paying off some debt all at once. Wheres my high moral ground now?!


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