I’m just not very good at this!

I knew I had shot myself in the foot when I pushed the booking a flight to Texas thing. Houston is now out of the game and it’s my fault.

I don’t think I’m very good at Sugar, I have trouble hiding a lot of what I think. Especially when someone is telling me to be honest and such! Ohhhh men dont want honesty at all haha. I knew that so why didn’t I act on that fact? Either way, he was an intellectual much like the last lawyer I talked to and I probably found that way more attractive than is allowed in sugar land.

Lesson learned. I had other engagements that weekend anyway so I probably felt more pressure than normal.

No Texas for me. Womp womp womppppp. Pretty bummed as I REALLY wanted to go and REALLY wanted a long distance SD but the search continues.

Dr Robotnik is still in the mix somehow even after I bailed and after seeing more pictures of Philly, that is also not up my alley. Lolicon has gone MIA due to work. A few new POTs have been chatting me up and my SD does come in to town the end of this month, so there is still hope!

I am also finding myself becoming increasingly attracted to my friend though, with last night ending on a very serious make out note followed by “WHY DID WE EAT SO MAMY CUPCAKES?!? NOW WE XANT SEX.” Hahaha 🙂


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