“Send me your measurements. I want to buy you something special to wear…”

Oh boy oh boy. Just when I thought I was slowly falling out of love with the sugar bowl, I get sucked right back in.

But FIRST, what has been distracting me from sugar?! Why, nothing short of the most amazing body attached to a stellar personality. I have pushed my hands so hard against this mans body I am surprised he does not have bruises. His pecs, his whole core, his adonis lines….good lord. This man is just…god. I would touch his biceps all day. If you haven’t noticed, I am kind of obsessed with a good physique and there is reason : I spend my day doing 3 things, mostly. 1) Working 2) Going to the gym 3) Playing video games/playing in the sugar bowl. So if hes not involved with #1, you can bet I get all hot and bothered by someone who is very big about #2. Mmmmmmmmmmmm this mans body gfjkdfhgjshdfjghsdf. Curse my birth control space time continuum bringing forth the dreaded 7 days of hell. I just want to pounce on this man :(!!! I have been questioning if I should stop now and invest more time/thought in to him or continue on as a happy medium until he unknowingly forces me to give up sugar. Oh, he will never know by the way. Nope nope nope.

Ok, now that’s out of the way, lets talk about a POT I am meeting either tomorrow or friday. He is a married man (yay! I know this makes me sound horrible but they’re so much less fucking trouble.) in his late 30s who works in tech. Seeing a trend with me and tech guys? What can I say, the nerdy talk gets to me. 50 53><Y

Anyway, while I am waiting for an email response back from him, I get an email from my once a monther SD. Magic, magic, magic! I have been on the fence about asking him for some extra allowance since we do pay per visit and his visit has been HUGELY delayed but I decided to bide my time a little longer and boy is it paying off. After weeks of infrequent emails with dances around a specific date, I get this little gem :

“What does next Tuesday and Wednesday look like for you? I am trying to push this work meeting up, I am craving you so bad right now…”

YAY! I had a feeling I left an impression that he would NEED to see me again and it looks like I was correct 😉 Not only that, he wants to bring me a little treat?

“That’s right.  Send me your measurements.  I want to buy you something special to wear…”

YUP. ITS ON. Now, to just find a measuring tape because to be frank, I have not fooled with one of those in awhile. We have one at work so it will be an INTERESTING day tomorrow, trying to sneak around and get them in during the work day. Hahaha. Fun.


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