“I love that tight body…”

Of course, I receive this in an email from a POT SD as I am shoving cookie dough in my face. Lets just say it was serious motivation to put the shit down.

Now that we have got my fat assery out of the way, news on a new SD woohoo! We interrupt this broadcast for a special announcement etcetcetc.

So, the POT I had coffee with has entered full on nickname status. He shall hence force be known as..Karate Kid. YUP.

Our coffee date was great, I arrived in my go-to short spring dress that shows enough leg to realize I take care of my self but not enough to think I am easy. My roomie insist my ass was about to fall out of it but he is a prude so nyah. We met at a Panera next to my gym, with my thought process as I explained it to my co-worker, “NO ONE goes there. Half of the town doesn’t even know it exists.” and yup. I was correct. The place was dead and we were able to enjoy our coffee outside on the patio without any interruption or weirdo listeners. The conversation was shockingly light, discussing horror stories of online dating, MMA fighting training, our jobs, and his wife. Yeah, I know, I broke the rules, but he was a very open person and I knew he would not shy away from the topic of the pretty little band on his hand. I prefaced the question with “So..since you’re local, I need to know if I should position myself to be facing the doors at all times incase a very angry woman walks in and I am able to try a quick get away..well, as fast as my 6 inch heels will allow.” which he found funny enough to actually answer the question. His wife knows he does things OUTSIDE of the marriage to keep it stabalized but is not sure on the specifics and will never know. He asked if it was a problem and seemed generally concerned as a few SBs have bailed because of the ring. LOL BITCH U DUM. Married SDs are the bees knees, I’ve decided. Single ones are always so flakey and lack structure. No thank you.

Either way, the date with Karate Kid went great and before the night was even over, I received an email asking when he could see me again. At that point in the evening, I was doing shots with some co-workers, so I shot off a quick reply for anytime hes free. My phone goes off again to my surprise and hes asking me what I want to do. He is aware of my cupcake obsession (What? It’s a good conversation starter and you can tell a lot by someones eating habits) and gave me the pet name of “cupcake head” once or twice in an email. Cute. That means he finds me endearing enough to give me a pet name. Score. Our next meet is planned sometime at the end of this week and per my request, it should include wine. I figure wine will unwind us enough to actually talk about details of the arrangement. He asked my living situation so I assume he would like to come to my appartment but that is not going to happen. I live with a male co-worker who already gave me shit this a.m. for not covering the condom wrapper up in the bathroom trashcan. Ooooooops. It was kind of the last thing on my mind after my romp with Sir Bod-a-lot 🙂

Did I mention the confidence sugar has given me outside of the bowl? I am now talking with more men than I can shake a stick at, all but one with very good careers or very close to achieving that career. Woohoo. Still not giving up dat sugsug though. I think I’ll spend today at work sending off a few more messages on SA, see if anyone new has signed up. I still want ONE far away SD just so I can fly and see a new town, Houston was such a god damn let down. The one local pathologist who messages me EVERY DAY with his phone number is wearing me down and I just might give him a chance. I mean, we could talk tumor markers and tumor grading. That would make my life.

Either way, stay sweet ❤ Oh, and new local reader, I would love to hear from you, don’t be scared! I loves you! 😉


2 thoughts on ““I love that tight body…”

  1. Thanks for the comment, seriously :]!

    I wish it was easy, its so easy to get put off the entire thing when you have 4 in a row fall flat. I’ve thought about stopping but I remember to just stay positive and treat it like normal dating, you go through a lot of fuckfaces before you meet a tolerable one.

    Thanks bunches and fingers crossed Karate Kid is the real deal. So over splenda 😡

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