Get outta here.

How dare Houston have the nerve to look at my profile. Fuck you and the horse you road in on, you scaredycat fuckface.

I am so annoyed by guys viewing my profile over and over again when they fell off the face of the earth mid message. One is a diamond SD who has a body from the heavens. He responded once but never again. I’m guessing because hes Diamond, he gets a ton of messages. At least I got a response which I thought was going to continue conversation by how he talked! Oh well. But to continue looking at my profile every other day? Cmon now, get outta here.

In other news, Karate Kid has emailed me every day since our coffee date which is a super good sign. If he is too busy, he emails me right before bed just to see how my day was and to tell me about his. I like him, I really hope we continue on because I could see him as being my main SD. We shall see after dinner this weekend, I am pushing for a pricey Asian steak house because I have never been there and would LOVELOVELOVE to go on someone elses dime 😉

Outside of sugar, Sir Bod A Lot ( he went from B to Sir Bod A Lot. How did that happen? No idea but lets roll with it.) is causing quite a stir. He is not even a year out of a six year relationship but is completely enamored with my existence. This is a little worrisome because to be honest, it is pretty mutual. He doesn’t know it but we are going to have a discussion tonight at dinner about expectations, exclusivity, etc. I am not going to allow exclusivity at this point because (A) I am not far removed from a shitty relationship myself  (B) I am afraid he is rebounding despite his claims to the opposite, and (C) My sugar mission is not over yet.

I also have not heard from China in awhile, I think he got tired of trying to plan skype dates and it wasn’t happening. I am kind of over the idea of him at this point and will probably let that one die out on its own.

So, in closing, fuck Houston. Fuck diamond SD who oogles me awkwardly from across the room but won’t say anything. Fuck cupcakes for being so good. Oh and finally fuck that 26 year old SD for not getting back to me after he asked for me email! Curses.


3 thoughts on “Get outta here.

  1. TheBloggingSD says:

    Interesting post – not going to lie I”ve had very similar situations. People I’ve contacted on the site, havent’ responded, but keep checking my profile! Blah. But maybe it was because I didn’t have a profile pic. But surely you can see the little check mark that comes on the profile of a person you’ve responded to.

    It took me a while, but I learned to stop taking offense to someone not responding. It was a huge ego burst in the beginning. But later I grew thick skin.

    Houston is probably gonig through a phase of regret – this might be in your favor. He’ll realize he had a good thing and might come back and try it again. Hell I’ve been in that situation too! Let him grovel a little but in effort to keep a SD around – let him back in without busting his balls too much.

    Not trying to preach or tell you what to do – just sharing experiences from the other side! Cheers!

    • Yeah, everytime I get a bit bummed about no response, I remember the few guys who message me at least once a week in another attempt to get a conversation going. What one doesn’t like, another will 🙂

      I secretly wish Houston would see the error in his ways and randomly contact me hahaha. I still want to go to that mall 😡 He is also fairly well known politically, would be a fun story to take to my grave…or the old folks home. Oh well.

      Thanks for the comment as always, I live hearing the other side. I actually mentioned you to my co worker today! I told her the SB blogs are fun but you REALLY learn from the SD bloggers. Cheers babe ❤

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