Too uptight?

So, I’ve been in contact with this fairly attractive attorney SD. His profile is all about “having as much fun as possible” which sounds good to me! However, he is asking to “play” on our first meet which includes JUST drinks. I told him I don’t normally “play” on the first meet, especially if its just to a local brewery. He said that’s cool, hes looking for someone he can hang out with AND have really good sex. Ok, that gives off that he wants MORE than just sex but everything he has said to me indicates he is PURELY about the “play”.

I was having an awful morning and after confirming plans to meet tomorrow, he followed up with “And then we can play?” sdfjhafhhjasgdfjhdsf This was not the morning to annoy me and I should have NOT responded but I couldn’t help it. I probably killed my chance with him but to be honest, kinda not even mad. I have a strong sexual appetite too but I know how to respect what a person says and their boundaries. My snarky response came off way more harsh than I intended :

Didn’t we go over this? Hahaha. I know you’re a bit brighter than that email lets on 😛

WOOPS! He didn’t respond, unsurprisingly. But seriously, come the fuck on. Maybe I am being too uptight but if I want to fuck a guy after he only buys me a drink, I can go to a local bar and pick up a much newer model. I’m just sayin.

I also apparently spoke China into existence by mentioning him in my last post. He sent my phone in to a tizzy this morning with Line chats and I could not have been more displeased. He is so uninteresting via chat, its a drag. I imagine someone who travels so often, knows multiple languages, and manages two very successful companies should be able to talk about something. ANYTHING. Boy oh boy. It’s almost June and I am wondering if I really want him to fly out here for our date. Hum.


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