Smells a little like cat poop.

Hahahaha, that was awful/awesome. The illusion of the perfect SB is so funny to me, it blows my mind. I was just skyping with the POT from NYC and my cat decides to poop OUTSIDE of the litter box 3 feet to my right. How does one interrupt a first skype call to announce ” My cat just pooped and is now dragging my sandals into it to attempt to cover it up…can you hold for a minute?” hahahaha 😦

So I spent the next 25 minutes enveloped in the smell of cat poop. While trying to be cute and interesting.

He very much pushed for me going to NYC tomorrow but I have a cook out with a friend who recently got dumped and really needs a pick me up. This is what makes me unsuccessful in sugar, I think. I value my outside of sugar life very highly. Not to say all SBs don’t but I feel like some of them have expendable plans or more free time. I’m not sure, I might be over thinking it. I also kind of want to push it out about ~10 more days when he comes back from Portland so I have the chance to whip my body into a little better shape, I am not feeling nearly as lean as I would like.

If this POT stacks up, his nickname might not be a nice one as he had snot dripping out of his nose most of the video call BUT. HE DID JUST EAT A REALLY SPICEY SAMMICH. Hahahaha he was so nerdy and cute I can’t think badly of him but a boogery nickname would make it more fun. He is so hipster it burns, down to the thick rimmed round glasses. Oh boy.

Karate Kid has been emailing me all day, setting up thursday as a day to meet again. I think he wants me to host but I cannot, especially with my roomies recent plunge into googling my friends who come over. Didn’t mention that, did I? Yeah. Batshit. Either way, if all works out, maybe this could be my arrangement to cover a small apartment so I don’t have to worry about rent while I am in school? I am probably planning to for ahead but that is my goal with him I think.

Still no word from my SD who was PLANNING to come in last week or this week. I am getting a bit peeved about that and am unsure if I should express my disdain for his shitty scheduling or not. Probably not. Oh well, I’m sure once I see him I’ll forget all the negative thoughts I have 🙂 Easily one of the coolest people I have connected with via SA.

Why am I ready for bed at 10pm on a saturday of my three day weekend? Hell if I know but time to curl up with my PS4 and some netflix. Cheers!


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