Sugar flakes are a fallin’

So, I was supposed to see Karate Kid on Tuesday, after over a month of not seeing each other, it was FINALLY going to happen again! However, with the spawn of the demon cold sore (which is gone now. bam. Thanks Valtrex & Toothpaste!) I decided that it would be best to reschedule.

I have a name for this that I shared with Camper as we were walking in the park pointing out one stars and sharing SA horror stories. I said offhandedly “Sugar Flakes are about as bad as Sugar Fakes”, which had him in stitches for some reason. Now, with my cancellation on Karate Kid, I officially sugar flaked 😦 I feel awful but seriously, it would have been awkward to have dinner with him with that on my lip! So now we are back to square one of picking a good time which is more difficult than one would think. I was bummed but also looked forward to getting rid of the demon cold sore by sunday, my planned date with Camper.

Then he sugar flaked. Fuck! He ended up having to work and apologized profusely across 3 or 4 emails, detailing how badly he wanted to see me and how it HAS to be soon or he will go crazy. I sugar flaked, then got sugar flaked on. Karma? Boo.

I’ve talked to Boston a few times, I’m so unsure of the situation. Will he invite me back? I don’t know. Would I accept? I don’t know. After a few days I thought about how lucky I was to have such a kind SD who treated me so well without being overly demanding, knowing it was both of us involved, not just the person with the money. On the other hand, he shorted me a fair amount. Did I do something wrong? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’ll gladly take 2 weeks worth of pay for a weekend in a beautiful city, but at the same time it was not the agreed upon amount. Is this a deal breaker? Should it be? Maybe I shouldn’t concern myself with it until I get another invite.

Outside of sugar, I went on a walk with Sir Bod A Lot to talk about the situation. Shortly after he left my condo the other night, I recieved a text about him talking to a girl for the last 3 weeks and he didn’t think I needed to know because he thought we were done. This lead to me not being able to sleep the rest of the night, feeling pretty awful. So the next day on our walk, I could feel my emotions running high. It was such a fucking shitty talk. Hearing him say he would have gone with it if I asked him to be exclusive was like a kick right to the chest. I literally had to put my hands on my knees and teach myself how to oxygenate again. It was obvious there was nothing between us any more when he told me he desires our friendship over our friends with benefits-ship. On one hand, I was pretty insulted, but on the other I was kind of relieved. He had just told me that he did not want me. Thats all I needed. Once I get the words said to me that someone does not want me, its like a switch in my head that turns off all positive thoughts about them. It was like an instant relief and then….a massive flow of bitch.

I proceeded to point out that now we are friends, I can point out his diet and work out routine is working against his goals and he is losing muscle. I noticed the night before he had lost INCHES on his biceps in just 7 days. INCHES PEOPLE, INCHES. Considering this was the thing that originally attracted me to him, it was a pretty big turn off. He didn’t see it and insisted we have different fitness goals, him just wanting to look as good as possible and me wanting to be as muscular as naturally allowable. While he was right, his 60-100g of protein a day is not helping him in any sense. I next asked what the girl did for a living…shes a waitress and works the smoothie bar at his gym. Is she in school? Nope.

Before I could even stop myself, I blurted out “Wow, you’re really aiming for the stars huh?” and instantly realized HE WORKS AT THE SAME GYM. DOING ALMOST THE SAME THING. FOR THE SAME PAY. Woooops. I’m not a mean person or one to look down on someone but for some reason the claws came out. I’m glad they did now after seeing he took her to the Baseball game we were supposed to go to his for his birthday. The girl is deathly attached, already taking “sneaky” pictures of him and posting them to facebook. Have fun, minimum wage uneducated couple of the year. Enjoy your runs on the trail that will eventually deteriorate your knees so badly that you will be getting them replaced at the hospital that launched me in to my career, sending me out of this small town full of people that are comfortable with a life of mediocrity.

Wow, this post got really heavy, my fault.I



I didn’t think Sir Bod A Lot would take me up on the “Ughhh wanna fuck?” Text.

But he did.



Hahaha of course the day I finally work out to see Karate Kid, I get a Friggin cold sore!

Fun fact sugar babes : if you’re stressed and lips a lol chapped, do not consume OJ, peanuts, or chocolate. They speed up/boost the chance of getting a cold sore. Herpes Simplex thrives off of them!

Ugh. Time to reschedule AGAIN and just hide away with my video games all night after I go lift some weights.

Poor little SD…

I’m starting to feel serious sympathy for Karate Kid. Every time we plan a date, something occurs the night before that causes me to get minimum sleep before a full loaded day. I am quickly learning Sir Bod A Lot is not who I thought and the whole (lack of) encounter forced me to go to the gym and lift until I almost barfed. On one hand, he’s really helping my gains by constantly putting me on such an edge that I feel the need to drop set leg extensions and leg curls until I physically can’t walk but on the other hand, no man should be able to destroy my mood so easily.

I’m very satisfied with my decision to pursue sugar instead of him. I thought I could keep him as a fuck buddy to satisfy me until I find an SD that can but I think his inability to keep up his end of the bargain by actually arriving on time when I place the call is making me dislike him that much more. I’ve never had this happen and I might need to call some older inactives back in to play.

Nadia needs a school stress reliever!

What the fuck?

So, I messaged an SD awhile ago and never got a response. No big deal.

I check my account today after quite an absence because of my current roster and noticed he got back to me. He asked for my email, then my number, and before any pictures were exchanged he wants me to meet him RIGHT NOW in town. Right. Now.

I’m doing my course work and can’t which I explain. He then asks “what time can you tomorrow?” well shit. Now I look inflexible. Why? Because I have Work from 815 to 445 to which I go straight to school after that until late into the night. I tell him this and he is insistent on meeting me after my class ends….still with no picture after I requested twice.

I am not one to burn bridges but I had to politely inform him this would not work and wished him luck.

I really can’t do last minute shit like that when I am knee deep in a summer semester. I know its a turn off but I really can’t help it, I have priorities! Thats the main thing that keeps going wrong with Karate Kid, he is insistent on making plans a few HOURS before he wants to do them. If he had given me any sort of sugar incentive up front, I would be more inclined to ditch my scheduled friend meet ups etc but last minute with no set reimbursement? No sir, cannot do.

I think I might stop looking since I have Karate Kid and Camper…maybe? Hmm…I’m not sure….

Boston Trip

So…since I have a few minutes in the air…lets talk about Boston.

On Friday my flight got in late to mechanical issues, making me even more nervous than I already was. Part of me felt like it was a sign! It didn’t help that a “Beware of human trafficking” advert was right next to my gate…haha..ha..ha……

Anyway, I arrived in Boston and was greeted by hand picked pink roses that smelled absolutely divine. We quickly got in the car and drove to a pizza place by his house as it was already pretty late, about 930. Not late for me but for him, I could tell it was. As we ate our pizza and drank our over priced margaritas, we discussed our interests. It blew him away with how knowledgeable I was concerning fitness and tech. After talking about our jobs for a bit, both of us being in medicine, he started on the “You’re too smart for your job…you need to be a nurse practitioner” hype train. I’m noticing this sentiment is becoming more common…maybe I truly underestimate myself.

On the ride home I stressed how tired I was, hoping to veer off any intimacy that he may have expected until the next morning. No dice. As soon as we got back to his house and explored his AMAZEBALLS classic arcade game collection, things got Luke warm and heavy. I say luke warm because while I was not unattracted to him, I was not completely attracted to him. He had a great body, was very kind, but for some reason I kept thinking about Sir Bod A Lot and how much better his body felt against mine than this guy.

After we did all that fun stuff, I was treated to a VERY nice massage with lit vanilla candles around the bed and hot oils being rubbed across y back. Boy did THAT hit the spot after a long work day.

Saturday came and we did a bit of window shopping, me somehow completely missing the Nike store. Ugh. I needed a new pair of kicks for work! He knew my love for cupcakes so we made our way to a cupcakery and ate it on a bench in the Boston Commons.

While eating, 2 younger girls dressed in Attack On Titan cosplay crossed in front of us and without thinking, I immediately complimented them on their costumes. This started the ever annoying and judgmental “What was that? What is anime? Isn’t that from Japanese porn?” Line of  questioning. The age gap was apparent between us as he commented on 3D Printers. I did however enjoy our walk 🙂

Now fully hungry, we made our way to the North End for lunch, where I had the best Bolognese in my life. It had a pork,beef, and veal meat sauce over penne pasta. Oh my god. I will make a trip for JUST that food again. If I wasn’t on a sugar date, I would have pounded back the whole bowl. His veal meat as also cooked EXTREMELY well. Curse my endless appetite. Did I mention he hit the car in front of us while trying to parallel park? And then wiped all the paint off of his bumper to make it look like he had done no such thing? My blood was boiling and I wanted to kick him in the shins for leaving his black paint along the rear bumper of the pretty red BMW in front of us! Massachusetts drivers are seriously one of a kind.

By now though, I was ridiculously tired and we headed home for a quick nap and some more arcade games before dinner. Afterwards, I changed in to my sexiest black dress with my new heels and off we went to dinner. Ohhhh if looks could kill on the streets of Boston, I would be DOA. Between the looks of envy from other men, often followed by looks of anger/disgust by their female companions…Boy. Boy oh boy. It was pretty comical, to be honest. The Asian restaurant had the best atmosphere I have ever seen and the meal was delicious. I treated myself to Haru Maki, Pork Katsu with rice, and finished with Apple Haru Maki, which is the picture for this post. Absolutely delicious.

During dinner he asked what movie I want to see that’s out and…god damn it Nadia…responding with the new X Men movie was probably not the best idea. He laughed it off, said his friends had seen it and thought it was good so he would try to find times. However, he picked a local non-profit indie theater and we settled in for a HILARIOUS comedy called Obvious Child. He barely cracked a smile while I was cracking up at the well timed abortion jokes. Hey. I’m classy. What can I say.

The rest of the trip consisted of sleep, breakfast, and me packing my stuff all back up. When I saw the envelope sticking out of my bag, it took everything not to rip it open there to justify my weekend. It’s not that I didn’t have fun, I just feel like I could have had MORE fun with Camper or Karate kid. I’m very excited to see those two this coming week, I now know a limit on age as far as SDs go, no more 50+. While he was good to talk with, our generation gap caused awkward silences and our differing music tastes due to it made it even more apparent.

No more Boston but hey! First Sugar Trip under my belt! Not only that, I met a very attractive man who just moved to Houston at the Airport bar. He
was deliciousssss.