“You have a butterface anyway”

Hahahaha never did I expect to hear THAT in the sugar world. I think I would have been really offended if he hadn’t called me “gorgeous with amazing curves” just a few minutes prior.

So here is how it went down : I see a hottie with a body viewed me on SA, after viewing his profile he seemed nice enough. Most of his pics consisted of gym selfies which, while I do not partake in, can not blame people for doing. I would probably do it if I wasn’t so focused on getting in, working until I can hardly move the worked muscle group, and getting back home to my protein shake. They DO look so fun though!

Either way, after a few messages, we exchanged numbers. I received a quick hello and then BAM. Not one or two but three pictures of his penis. Well….uh….hello Mike from Cali, nice to meet your…penis? The dude was cute and seemed interesting enough so I (now regretfully) fired off a picture of my ASSets. His response? He wanted more.

Nope. I drew the line. I know what picture collectors are and I am not falling prey to one, especially with my career. Nopenopenope. I tell him I’ll send him others but nothing more revealing, explaining the deal with people collecting those and with my job position, I can’t risk it. Next thing I know I am hammered with yet two more pictures of his penis and the text “No way am I meeting someone without knowing what I am getting in to. To be honest ur a fuckin butterface but I saw you had a great ass from your pictures so I was willing to give it a chance. You need to have a better attitude if you want to get away with having a face like that.” LOLSERIOUSLY?!

Ohhhhhh these young SDs who fall in to money too quickly for their own good. I was going to be nice and just stop responding but I couldn’t help it. I fired off a quick “LOL ok. Well, with your small penis and my butterface, we could have complimented each other well. Money cannot by class. Cheers.” expecting that to be the end of it. Silly me, of course not, hes a young SD with a REALLY fit body, no way I was getting the last word on this one.

“My dick is 7 inches and thick thanks”

And that was the entrance and quick exit of Mike, the typical gym rat that NORMALLY tries to get my attention as I am doing 135lb squats. I have to keep my one good quality nice and toned, right?


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