I cannot wait to play Destiny.

Seriously, I really can’t. Def changed this title as E3 was airing. So what?!

I couldn’t come up with a better header but as I sit here waiting for Sonys E3 conference to start, it is slowly sinking in that I am going to Boston to meet an SD.

Yep. Thats right. Somehow over the last week, I have had a doctor go from a very slim POT to booking me a flight after 5 minutes on the phone with me. So now, I am waiting to go in to work tomorrow and be greeted by a flight confirmation email in my work inbox. I mentioned I lied about my age on SA right? Imagine my anxiety when I gave him my D.O.B to book my flight…

..But I was quickly met with “You’re a Pisces, I hit the jackpot!” Phew. Bullet dodged.

I am unsure how I feel about this. On one hand, I am so excited at the prospect of a once a month out of town SD in a city I have never been to (outside of the airport) and having the chance to have fun time with a DOCTOR. I will have to reel in my excitement and not ask a billion questions about his field of practice but…we’ll see.

I am meeting another POT for lunch this Saturday. He is a very kind man who is a pharmacist about an hour away. We email back and forth almost daily and through it all, he just seems very respectful. He has not dove in to anything sexual,rude, or asked way too many questions. He is not as attractive as I would like but his kindness makes him very attractive to me, as well as his opinion that my passion for my job and my interests outside of work is the most attractive trait I possess. Big hopes for that one too 🙂

I’ve already googled both of these men in to oblivion, viewing both of their large houses via street view. Pretty hype. Can’t wait to see Boston!!!


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