Ready to fly.

My personal life is a mess today but I feel it may be for the better. Sir Bod a Lot has called it off, as I knew he would. I was dreading my period more than normal because I knew once we weren’t preoccupied with great sex, he would get in his own head about the situation and implode.

I am not ready to give up sugar yet and repeated that many times over the last month I had spent with him. I was very much enjoying my time with him but never once considered making anything official. He does not have the best past, he makes less than me, and he’s not going to school right now. So why did I allow myself to get comfortable to the point of feeling like someone had punched me in the chest when I finally got him to spill why he was acting weird.

The end result was me deciding I can’t see him anymore.

It’s for the better and I’m sure it will be the furthest thing from my mind come next Friday as I anxiously wait in the airport to board my flight to Boston for the weekend.

Can I just go now? Sigh.

Lots of gym and video games to be had prior to that. Destiny Alpha looks promising and I have wanted to start up Star Ocean for a bit. Now’s the time!


One thought on “Ready to fly.

  1. Aw, I’m sorry that Sir Bod a Lot and you have called it quits :/ it’s never easy, no matter what the circumstances. There’s always a lesson behind every experience. That’s no reason to give up sugaring though, I know I’m not either. I met a lad who was not too nice and I DID stop for a while but I’m jumping back into it now. Gym, gym, gym! Hope you have a good flight on Friday! 🙂

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