New SD…?!?!

I hope so! I just had a great first date with the kind man I spoke about prior. I think he deserves a name now, and it shall be Camper, since hes so outdoorsy with his jeep and kayaks! He ended up being pretty handsome, though a bit short, so my 6 inch heels could have definitely been a little shorter to make him feel better. Oops! Lets backtrack a little to how the drive up to meet him went though.

It was a an hour and fifteen minute drive but I was stuck behind trucks…like always. Stupid backroads. On the way there I was texting with Sir Bod A Lot who I have been talking to and we have worked out we are too good of friends to let it go because we both don’t want to date even though we are crazy about the other person. I realized directly after things ended with him that I had grown way more attached than I ever thought or intended, resulting in me crying myself to sleep 2 nights in a row and fighting back tears an entire work day. But hey, it will all work out, I will find someone else I have the same connection with…I hope. I really adore him from his nose all the way down to his toes, which made the text that he stayed up all night in the company of another female that much harder to endure. I of course get this text when I am 20 minutes away from meeting up with Camper. If I had no worked meticulously on my eye make up, I would have been a mess. I had a mini panic attack, in true “I don’t want to date him but NO ONE ELSE CAN DATE HIM EITHER.” fashion and held back tears as I punched the steering wheel saying “I fucking HATE him oh my god.” when we all know I really DON’T hate him. The whole entire situation is idiotic as I am on my way to go on a date with a man for MONEY and I’m up in arms about him staying up all night talking to another girl? Yeah. Way to be super fucking hypocritical, Nadia.

After calming myself down, I arrive at the dive bar we are supposed to meet at and FUCK. FUCK FUCK FUCK. Gravel parking lot. Six inch heels. I instantly knew my fate was sealed. I joked that if I trip and break an ankle, its his fault. He let me holod on to him and i narrowly escaped broken ankles. We get inside and TOTAL MOTORCYCLE BAR. I felt so out of place but he gave off the atmosphere that he fit right in, putting me at super ease. We talked about everything from taco bell, to our jobs, to our favorite kinds of music. We munched on grilled cheeses and fries (We both agreed it was that kind of day, fuck the fancy food.) as we enjoyed each others company. I decided against drinking due to the doom parking lot and he insisted we go to a local lake to walk. I agreed, hopped in his jeep, and tied my hair up. I’m sure I looked awful but he seemed to REALLY enjoy my company. When we arrived to the lake, there was lots of mud outside of my door and with my white heels…oh boy. He saw me look of utter gloom and quickly gave me a piggy back from the Jeep to the pathway. Sweet heart! We walked half the lake and decided it was time to go since I am taking my Father out in about 15 minutes (better type fast!), and he drove me back to my car.

He was the perfect gentleman and VERY generous as he handed me some money as we hugged goodbye. He seemed very anxious to see me again and I really hope hes serious because he is AWESOME. He is married, so no worries of feelings, and he was so generous with his gift on the first date, you KNOW he has to top it on the second. I’ve dropped a few hints on what kind of gifts I would like, we’ll see if he picks up 😉

I am still very torn up about Sir Bod A Lot but its amazing how a lil sugar rush can turn a frown upside down.

On the drive home I received a text from Boston, him exclaiming how this time next week I’ll be with him and he can’t wait! Woohoo! Boy, I went from having nothing but Sugar Flakes to two VERY possible regular SDs. Saweeeeet.


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