Let the countdown begin!

I am now 4 days out from boarding my flight to Boston. I’m starting to get more and more nervous!. I have quite a few friends in Boston so if I need a quick escape, I have at least one 🙂 I’m more worried he won’t find ME attractive for some reason, which is very odd considering he is the one who contacted me. I asked him waht to pack and he said two dinner dresses and a pair of sneakers for our hike…that sounds easy enough right? Ugh. I need to go shopping. So much to do before friday! Hair, nails, waxing, and a psych exam with 4 weeks worth of info we covered in two weeks! Oh boy oh boy.

Anywho, enough about Boston. I have been in contact for about a month with a man we will call Phoenix. Diamond SD who I randomly emailed expecting no response but viola, we have been emailing back and forth for quite a while. It used to be good conversations but it has somewhat devolved in to him sending me pictures of his morning wood every few days. Heres the thing about me : I reaaaally like sex but only when I CHOOSE to like sex. If a guy pursues me too much sexually, its a turn off and I want nothing to do with him. On the other hand, conversations like this take place between one of my best guy friends and I :

Me : So…I facebook stalked the hot guy in my class. Relationship status : SINGLE. ITS ON LIKE DONKEY KONG.
C : Hmmm…
Me : My exact thought, good sir. Hmmmm…how do I go about propositioning this fine creature for sex? Invite him over to study and then hit it? And by it, I don’t mean books. Should I just be upfront and ask him if hes DTF like that nutritionist? That worked out fairly well…minus his small penis issue….
C : I think a modicum of subtlety would serve you well

If C knew about sugar, he would surely disown me and never think of me again. Trust fund baby lawyers are funny like that. Anyway, bottom line is, I get the “you’re such a guy” line when discussing sexual relations with my friends, but I have never had to face this issue in the sugar bowl. This last saturday with Camper was the first time I hung with a sugar who did not try or say ANYTHING sexual on our first meet, very refreshing. I seriously cannot wait to see him again, I wish Boston was NEXT weekend so I could see him THIS weekend but hey, maybe he will still be interested. His last email finished with him craving to see me again and wanting to set something up so try as I might to NOT get my hopes up, I’ve gotten my hopes up that I’ve found my new SD to replace that airport flake!!!

Well, picture day at work. HR needs images for commercials and newspaper ads, should be a fun time. Only you know, not really.


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