Poor little SD…

I’m starting to feel serious sympathy for Karate Kid. Every time we plan a date, something occurs the night before that causes me to get minimum sleep before a full loaded day. I am quickly learning Sir Bod A Lot is not who I thought and the whole (lack of) encounter forced me to go to the gym and lift until I almost barfed. On one hand, he’s really helping my gains by constantly putting me on such an edge that I feel the need to drop set leg extensions and leg curls until I physically can’t walk but on the other hand, no man should be able to destroy my mood so easily.

I’m very satisfied with my decision to pursue sugar instead of him. I thought I could keep him as a fuck buddy to satisfy me until I find an SD that can but I think his inability to keep up his end of the bargain by actually arriving on time when I place the call is making me dislike him that much more. I’ve never had this happen and I might need to call some older inactives back in to play.

Nadia needs a school stress reliever!


2 thoughts on “Poor little SD…

  1. I swear to god finding a reliable FWB is exceptionally difficult. Hard to find someone who ticks both the “Good in bed” and “Not an asshole” box. I’d go after the sugar!

  2. Agreed! Well, actually, I was looking for a booty call. After we had sex, the guy wanted to cuddle and talk! Wtf, isn’t that girl thing? I told him to leave and I’ll call him again. Second time we hooked up, he did it again and said he wanted to go out sometime to get to know each other. Yeah, after that, I had to ditch him. The next guy was a douche.

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