I didn’t think Sir Bod A Lot would take me up on the “Ughhh wanna fuck?” Text.

But he did.



5 thoughts on “….shoot.

    • Kind of. The last two times I think he’s been in his head, making it not as fun. He also afterwards said “Now that I have you trapped….what are we doing?”

      I just groaned and told him to go home, we will deal with it tomorrow.

      • I’m not sure. I would honestly probably date him but he’s insistent on not wanting a relationship. He continues to “date” girls though.

        We went a solid month of sex every day/every other day with date nights mixed in and somehow he freaked out and distanced since we both agreed we were not looking for a relationship.

        I’m going to talk with him tonight because I don’t want any hurt feelings on either side…I’m realizing I may care for him more than originally thought when the idea of some other female touching him makes me want to vomit.

        I don’t want to stop sugaring though. I’m seriously stuck.

      • Maybe he does like you like you and it scares him. Yeah, definitely get this all out in the open and see what he says. Since you care for him and the idea of him being with other females make you sick, then definitely express your feelings. If you want a relationship and he doesn’t want one, then perhaps it’ll be best to cut off contact. It’ll hurt greatly to see someone you care for being with someone else.

        On the up side, you can continue sugaring if he heads for the hills.

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