Go with my gut…?

So, China is coming in to town on Friday to do dinner. He has asked me to stay the night with him, which was the opposite of what our first discussion months ago entailed. Months ago, we both agreed that a dinner date and then POSSIBLY staying the night if we got along well enough was the best bet. Suddenly, he is making sure I am good to stay the night and following up with “Do you get really wet? Do I need to bring lube?”

Ughhhh. My annoyance with him over the last few months he was in china has surely spread to today. I’m not sure why but something about him generally makes me want to punch a kitten. His constant texts of “Did you sleep well/What are you having for lunch?” are nerve grating. I don’t know why, I can’t put my finger on it, but I am feeling more and more like this is a bad set up, that I should not go.

I am not a prostitute, I do not enjoy your company for the money, and trying to tell me I don’t need an hour after coming straight from work to get ready prior to having dinner and a possible over night stay is infuriating. “Dont put on make up, remember I don’t like it!”

Yeah right buddy. Women are masters of disguise and I will pull off that natural look without you even knowing it.

What do I do? Do I swallow these annoyances down and give it a shot? Hes very wealthy, very good businessman, but blargh why does he annoy me so!

I don’t want to be a sugar flake but…but….but!


5 thoughts on “Go with my gut…?

  1. I would bring up the email from the first discussion.
    If he’s so adamant to make sure you’re going to stay the night and he’s that annoying, call it off. You have every right to cancel. Go with your gut feeling.

    • Good idea. The first time we talked a few months ago was a complete 180. He proceeded to try to make me feel guilty for not skyping him while he was overseas….lolwut.

      I think I may meet him for dinner and if I don’t feel comfortable I’ll just be upfront and say I don’t think we are a good match, I’m gonna head home now kbai.

  2. I say definitely go with your gut feeling! My gut is yet to steer me wrong. If you’re getting alarm bells or some questions then there are reasons for that. Don’t ignore them. I agree with the person above me, you have every right to cancel. I would cancel on a normal ‘vanilla’ date, so what’s the difference here? (You know, besides the obvious. LOL!).

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