You got some ‘splainin to do!

Excuse me for being frank but what the Christ is wrong with some SDs? Yes, I’m aware sex is a very large part of it but to request UNPROTECTED sex on the first meet? Lol.

Hello. My name is Nadia. I work in healthcare. I have seen enough patients come in with symptoms of what they thought was a yeast infection only to be trichomoniasis. Scary stuff.

Not only am I protecting myself but seriously guys? I’ve heard tales of crazy SBs, who is to say one isn’t lying about her birth control in an attempt to get a paycheck for 18 years? Don’t get me wrong, I know that’s fucked, but I also know women do it.

China JUST got back from time overseas, I am well aware with the STD epidemic in China, with some infections increasing as much as 17% per year. Fuck to the no are we having unprotected sex when you just got back to the U.S.

Am I naive for thinking this way? Am I bound to not succeed at sugar due to my guarded opinions? I’m just trying to be smart!


4 thoughts on “You got some ‘splainin to do!

  1. No way. Many pots have mentioned that unprotected sex is part of their deal, and I’ve told them to keep walking. Safety first. I find it comical that some of them are so open to accepting the risks.

  2. TheBloggingSD says:

    Wow – I think the number of SB’s and SD’s that request unprotected sex are in the ultimate minority. Have you been unlucky in just running into that minority?
    That’s crazy talk – then again there are people out there that have no regard for sexual health. Maybe they’re too old to be smarter about it, or they’re genuinely reckless.
    The discussion of unprotected sex with one of my SB’s came up once, in a meet stage, and she said she was only comfortable doing it if tested and we were exclusive. I still didn’t entertain it. Although that is considered, per reading other blogs, to be the safer standard.

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