Seriously? This used to be fun?

My stuffed moose is going to help me with this post because he is so huggable I just can’t put him down.

I forgot how EXHAUSTING and sometimes ANNOYING it can be to get a good lot of new POTs. One guy seems to forget this is an arrangement, I’m not some girl he picked up at a bar. Why does he expect goodies without any agreement in place? Either a very good or very bad businessman.

I start a new semester next week…looking to be the hardest one I’ve ever had and its only going to be one class! This will require lots of attention, which is a plus. I need all the distractions I can get since I’m finally coming to terms that in the 3 months I spent with Sir Bod A lot, I fell in love. I loved every little bit of his existence. I don’t know why I didn’t catch on sooner or even try harder to make it work but as of now, we are not even on talking terms. I was an emotional mess the last week but still putting a little time in to sugaring to help distract me. I’ve spent lots of time at the gym, leaving me to have every muscle I have scream at me with every movement. Thats okay though, just means I’m doin something right! My boobs hurt so bad though 😦

I got a message from someone across the pond, a Banker in London. Was very excited to open it but he wants me to spend a week in NYC…the second week of my semester and when I have no vacation days off from work. Shoot. Hopefully he will come back when I am able to make time. These sorts of things make me a little envious of SBs who work part time or go to school full time. I would be making much more money if I wasn’t doing my 8-5 but…I love my job. No amount of money could take me out of it…unless it paid for my school and living expenses so I could study full time, haha. I would still miss it so bad it would cause physical pain.

With the surplus coming from Camper, I have started spending money a little more freely while still paying off debt. I actually got a little offended when I walked in to the store after the gym and was looking at Coach purses…the staff were watching me like hawks. They seriously think I didn’t notice them stalking me around corners? “I could spend two hours with someone and make enough to buy this bag…leave me alone!” went through my head, followed by an audible giggle. Maybe they were stalking me because I giggled to myself as I looked at a price tag….hah.

Supposed to see a POT tomorrow that we will call Fitguy because oh god. DAT BODY DOE. I need to get my nails done so bad, I think that will be an early morning thing tomorrow. Orange for the Orioles game I’ll be attending on Monday! Adam Jones bobble head GO! He is my future husband, he just doesn’t know it yet. ❤


Self growth…or something.

Been learning a lot about myself, working through coming to terms with the idea I might be a little more awesome than I give myself credit for.

I saw someone at a party I haven’t seen in about ~1.5 Years. She’s 28 years my senior, very nice woman. She went on to corner me with another woman and talk about how much I have changed, not just with my weight loss(“I barely recognized you!”) But my whole demeanor. What an awesome conversation.

Is it from sugar? I think partly. I think it’s Mostly from working in Oncology though.

Anyway, I haven’t checked SA IN quite a bit and got one of the most off the wall,hilarious, “I think this guy would get along with me” messages. I don’t know why but he Def won me over with just this joke and I can’t wait to talk to him more.

I’m also talking to another pot who has the body of a God. No literally. He competes. Yesssss. I am so obsessed with lifting, this could be perfect.

Ok time to cycle through those 30 messages….eek.

Sugar rush…boom!

After leaving the sugar bowl a bit due to pursuing a relationship that was never going to work, I am back bitchessss!

No really, I am. I didn’t even really mean to, either. After not seeing Camper for 2 months but keeping in contact via email every week, I thought for sure it was a dead end and nothing was going to happen again. But tada! His wife went out of town for the week so he invited me up to see him at his absolutely GORGEOUS house. His dog damn near tackled me on its way out the door to the backyard and I still have a tiny scrape on my wrist to prove it. We enjoyed each others company, toying with a wooden puzzle he got on a camping trip, watching tv, and eventually having some personal time. Very much welcomed too.

This is what I like best about Camper : He is so NORMAL. He is very laid back, not stuffy like some SDs I have come in contact with, and very much just about hanging out and having fun. I accidentally texted him “A dress babe?” instead of “address” and got a response “Oh god no…redneck hangout. Dress down.” I mean, seriously, who doesn’t want an SD thats ok with hoodies and a pair of daisy dukes? Hahaha. I still wore a cotton dress though. Which, btw, made me look awesome…why you ask? I shall tell you!

I started taking MusclePharms core CLA, 3-4 tabs before every meal. I am only 2 weeks in or so and already seeing weight loss and muscle growth in different places. I’ve bulked and cut before but cutting with CLA is proving to be way different, I’m seeing inches melt off around my hips/tighs and oddly enough my shoulders. I noticed this in full detail yesterday when I put the dress on. Hell yeah, I love this stuff! Non stimulant and doesn’t give me fishy burps, woot woot. I know I sound like an ad for the stuff but I’m very much enjoying it, def curbs my cravings which is huge considering I am 2 days away from my sugar pills. UUUUUUUGH.

Back on topic though, Camper was even more generous than before just like I expected him to be. Very much enjoy his company and the fact he disabled his SA account after getting tired of crazy girls and finally landing me, or so he says. We shall see.

When I arrived home late last night, with my over night/random trip tiny sephora bag in hand, my roomie stopped me at the door when he saw the bag. “Went shopping?” I just kind of laughed and said “Something like that…”, knowing he had no idea I had 3 months worth of rent in my tiny little bag. 😉

Lil update

So, its been awhile huh?

I decided to cancel on China with the excuse that I had met someone and wanted to pursue that instead of sugar. I did this for two reasons, none of which I am proud of or am happy to admit :

1) I came off as less than a flake than if I was like NOPE SORRY NOT FEELIN IT after months of build up
2) By doing it this way, he still wishes to remain friends and if anything “ever goes wrong”, he will be there for our dinner date.

Its nice to possibly have one in the hole even if the whole thing did give me a bad feeling.

A close friend asked me about Boston recently and I realized we had not talked since the begining of July. I didn’t even notice and now consider that one dead, though it was DOA when he shorted me. Ugh.

I spoke with Camper yesterday, theres been a death in the family so stuff has been weird he says. However, his wifey is going away the week of August 17th and he wants to see me then 🙂 I’m pretty excited! He was very generous on our first meet, complete gentleman who put me at total ease. I feel it will be awesome to see him again, both personally and financially.

There is one problem though : I have feelings for someone outside of the bowl and intended to discuss the possibility of “us” the week prior. I have a feeling there will be no “us” since men tend to go for what they want, but this ones a little different. He has a seriously different outlook and thought process than I have seen in anyone else…will be interesting. I have a feeling I’ll get hurt but that just means the sugar I recieve the next week will be that much sweeter and enjoyable. There is something vindicating about recieving sugar for my time when other men seem to waste it with such carelessness.

I also have a date at the ballpark this Sunday. It is with health professionals in a suite so it will be a VERY good networking oppurtunity. I wonder how it will go seeing how I work for a different hospital, I’ll have to choose my words carefully. Fun times!

My semester is officially over and since its a slow day at the office today…we all know what that means. Time to find some new and exciting sugar :)!!! I’ll be firing up SA a good portion of today, I have a couple unread messages that require attention.