Lil update

So, its been awhile huh?

I decided to cancel on China with the excuse that I had met someone and wanted to pursue that instead of sugar. I did this for two reasons, none of which I am proud of or am happy to admit :

1) I came off as less than a flake than if I was like NOPE SORRY NOT FEELIN IT after months of build up
2) By doing it this way, he still wishes to remain friends and if anything “ever goes wrong”, he will be there for our dinner date.

Its nice to possibly have one in the hole even if the whole thing did give me a bad feeling.

A close friend asked me about Boston recently and I realized we had not talked since the begining of July. I didn’t even notice and now consider that one dead, though it was DOA when he shorted me. Ugh.

I spoke with Camper yesterday, theres been a death in the family so stuff has been weird he says. However, his wifey is going away the week of August 17th and he wants to see me then 🙂 I’m pretty excited! He was very generous on our first meet, complete gentleman who put me at total ease. I feel it will be awesome to see him again, both personally and financially.

There is one problem though : I have feelings for someone outside of the bowl and intended to discuss the possibility of “us” the week prior. I have a feeling there will be no “us” since men tend to go for what they want, but this ones a little different. He has a seriously different outlook and thought process than I have seen in anyone else…will be interesting. I have a feeling I’ll get hurt but that just means the sugar I recieve the next week will be that much sweeter and enjoyable. There is something vindicating about recieving sugar for my time when other men seem to waste it with such carelessness.

I also have a date at the ballpark this Sunday. It is with health professionals in a suite so it will be a VERY good networking oppurtunity. I wonder how it will go seeing how I work for a different hospital, I’ll have to choose my words carefully. Fun times!

My semester is officially over and since its a slow day at the office today…we all know what that means. Time to find some new and exciting sugar :)!!! I’ll be firing up SA a good portion of today, I have a couple unread messages that require attention.


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