Sugar rush…boom!

After leaving the sugar bowl a bit due to pursuing a relationship that was never going to work, I am back bitchessss!

No really, I am. I didn’t even really mean to, either. After not seeing Camper for 2 months but keeping in contact via email every week, I thought for sure it was a dead end and nothing was going to happen again. But tada! His wife went out of town for the week so he invited me up to see him at his absolutely GORGEOUS house. His dog damn near tackled me on its way out the door to the backyard and I still have a tiny scrape on my wrist to prove it. We enjoyed each others company, toying with a wooden puzzle he got on a camping trip, watching tv, and eventually having some personal time. Very much welcomed too.

This is what I like best about Camper : He is so NORMAL. He is very laid back, not stuffy like some SDs I have come in contact with, and very much just about hanging out and having fun. I accidentally texted him “A dress babe?” instead of “address” and got a response “Oh god no…redneck hangout. Dress down.” I mean, seriously, who doesn’t want an SD thats ok with hoodies and a pair of daisy dukes? Hahaha. I still wore a cotton dress though. Which, btw, made me look awesome…why you ask? I shall tell you!

I started taking MusclePharms core CLA, 3-4 tabs before every meal. I am only 2 weeks in or so and already seeing weight loss and muscle growth in different places. I’ve bulked and cut before but cutting with CLA is proving to be way different, I’m seeing inches melt off around my hips/tighs and oddly enough my shoulders. I noticed this in full detail yesterday when I put the dress on. Hell yeah, I love this stuff! Non stimulant and doesn’t give me fishy burps, woot woot. I know I sound like an ad for the stuff but I’m very much enjoying it, def curbs my cravings which is huge considering I am 2 days away from my sugar pills. UUUUUUUGH.

Back on topic though, Camper was even more generous than before just like I expected him to be. Very much enjoy his company and the fact he disabled his SA account after getting tired of crazy girls and finally landing me, or so he says. We shall see.

When I arrived home late last night, with my over night/random trip tiny sephora bag in hand, my roomie stopped me at the door when he saw the bag. “Went shopping?” I just kind of laughed and said “Something like that…”, knowing he had no idea I had 3 months worth of rent in my tiny little bag. 😉


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