Self growth…or something.

Been learning a lot about myself, working through coming to terms with the idea I might be a little more awesome than I give myself credit for.

I saw someone at a party I haven’t seen in about ~1.5 Years. She’s 28 years my senior, very nice woman. She went on to corner me with another woman and talk about how much I have changed, not just with my weight loss(“I barely recognized you!”) But my whole demeanor. What an awesome conversation.

Is it from sugar? I think partly. I think it’s Mostly from working in Oncology though.

Anyway, I haven’t checked SA IN quite a bit and got one of the most off the wall,hilarious, “I think this guy would get along with me” messages. I don’t know why but he Def won me over with just this joke and I can’t wait to talk to him more.

I’m also talking to another pot who has the body of a God. No literally. He competes. Yesssss. I am so obsessed with lifting, this could be perfect.

Ok time to cycle through those 30 messages….eek.


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