Needy. Why so needy?

I had a very promising POT. Very. A doctor in the military and young to boot. Was very fun to chat with but when we eventually exchanged numbers….everything hit the fan.

Example : we were talking and that’s fine. I mentioned I had to go as I was getting ready for a night out at naughty bingo with some of my girlfriends. That’s his cue to kinda lay off the texts…right?

Wrong. He continued to send me multiple page long texts demanding answers to questions. I had to turn my phone on silent because it was so distracting. I decided that night that we wouldn’t work as I can’t and will not devote that time, It’s rude to my friends. Life outside of sugar is just as important.

Finally he left me alone and then….he recreated his SA account. New pictures. I didn’t recognize. I told him I had a funeral and a wedding yesterday so what did he do?

Texted me ALL DAY. As my new Step Mom is walking down the aisle he’s “how’s the wedding? What are you wearing? Is it inside?”

I’m done.

This isn’t even acceptable outside of sugar.



Why is the updated SA so slow?!?

After licking my wounds and getting a better grip on my time management for the semester, I am back in the sugar bowl!

I need dat money and men my age suck.

Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies…

Ahhh…the ever turning wheel of lies.

Mutually Beneficial

I went out with some good friends last weekend. They’re all married or in relationships, and they all have at least one child.

One said to me, “So, is anything happening on the relationship front?”

Me (truthfully): “Yes, I’ve been dating married men for the last 6 months and have had some of the most amazing sex of my entire life. I’ve been bought gifts, given cash, spoiled rotten, eaten fine food, drank good wine, and stayed in some of the best hotels in the city. And the best thing is, in the morning we can return to our own homes and our own lives, with a smile on our faces and look forward to the next time.”

Me (keeping it all in the best possible taste): “No, nothing at all.”

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