I really need to do a post about my trip with Andrew and the reappearance of my first SD but I’m in the middle of a move with a nasty cold so…

…Am I the only one who finds it funny when these people who make so much money continuously spell “confident” incorrectly? Hah.



It’s only 9am and Andrew is already annoyed with me. Lol.

I can’t sleep in, it’s not in my nature! I’m more likely to lazy around if there is a mimosa in my hand but if not? Gym is calling me.

Constant reassurance/annoyance.

So. Here’s the thing. I’m a straight shooter, very forward, open, and am actually pretty awful at hiding when I am displeased.

This is why I am terrified to make this phone call. Andrew feels we are not on the same page……like he has felt every other day since this started. I have a tendency to accidentally bully those types outside of sugar because they are just so….UNSURE. I’ve never been in the shoes of being unsure and insecure so openly and it has always struck me as weak. I am hoping I am able to hide my displeasure with this constant reassurance because he has shown no problem giving me whatever I need, which is nice! I have 5 gifts waiting for me when I arrive at his house for our weekend trip.

If this sugar falls through and when it ends, I think I may clock out of the sugar bowl for awhile. Thinking about a lot on the drives to/from Andrews, always interesting thoughts.

That and he hasn’t given me my god damn ezpass yet! Those tolls are getting annoying! C’mon son!


The planned trip may not happen now, with me going by myself! Andrew has had some family stuff go down and he needs to fly out of town to handle it. He is pressing me to go to the football game anyway and honestly I have no problem doing that. I would enjoy it if he went with me but I have friends there so I can do either way.

Eberytjings paid for, why wouldn’t I go?! I could even be a sugar momma for a day and pick up a delicious guy to go to the game with me since I have his extra ticket. Either way, I’m going!

Let’s backtrack though….

I saw him this passed Saturday after my awesome spa day he treated me to. I followed directions to wear “strappy things” aka a g string. After dinner and a movie, we got in to bed and while he was very cuddly and touchy, it was 2am and I was exhausted. We spooned and I quickly passed out, to his disappointment apparently. Sorry but you can’t keep me up till 2 and expect a coherent bed buddy! I’m an old soul, in bed by 10 unless fueled by alcohol or video games!

My internal alarm clock sounded at 730am and I tried to quietly play on my phone since I know he likes to sleep in. That didn’t work! He was up within minutes and trying to push me back in to slumber. Nope. Wasn’t happening, I was up for the day. I stayed for an hour and a half just chatting and finally hopped up to leave. A few kisses and I was dressed and out the door, ready to take on NFL Sunday!

I expected my allowance sent to my account that day or the day after but I still haven’t received it…I understand family stuff but I’m moving Friday and need all I can get :(! If it doesn’t get sent today it won’t clear until Monday….Grrrrrr….


Don’t get me wrong, I’m very much enjoying this but how’s he gonna keep this up?

He booked our trip next weekend, I’m a bit bummed with the flight times since I won’t get to see a lot of the city but hey! Sitting 7 rows off the football field surely cures that! So excited. He got flowers and candies delivered to my work yesterday, he said he wants everyone to know how spoiled I am. Uh oh, questions ahoy at work.

I see him again tonight, after my spa day which I’m about to run to now. Of course my period(which he calls “Shark Week” lmfao) is due any minute, putting the brakes on some intimacy. I have one friend who loves sex during this week and I’m dying for it so towards the end of the week might be a little treat!

I hope tonight goes as smoothly as the first one, it’s my first overnight with him so we’ll see. I’ve noticed he needs reassuring every few days about our arrangement which confuses me a bit. He obviously wants exclusivity and he’s getting that….for now. Sugar exclusivity, anyway. I’m always open for something outside of sugar and just like what happened with Sir Bod A Lot, I would drop sugar in a heart beat for something like that. Amazing sex, amazing connection, and just amazing time period. But…hey…. I need money for this move!

He’s reading my mind!

Spoke to Andrew again today, he’s equally excited to see me so yay! I mentioned in my last post that I was going to try and snag a visit to the pro shop at the stadium but….

..he one upped me and got me a ton of team gear today! Including the jacket I’ve been eyeing! He also told me to get a price for a spa day Saturday and give him the number of the place I want to go so he can take care of it 🙂

This is way too good to be true. Found my steady SB, finally!!


Crawling in to bed while Andrew makes plans for our football weekend at the end of the month. I’m so excited to go to my favorite teams stadium for the first time ever!!

I wonder if I can drag him in to the pro shop for some goodies while I’m there…. I am dying for a team jacket!