If you ain’t talkin money, Whatcha sayin to me?

This semester is a little harder than I thought, with my pulling solid Cs on both of my exams. EEK!

I am not a C student, I’ve never been a C student! Unless you count high school before I left to take care of my ill Mother. Thats a whole different topic for another day, though. I swore off sugar during my hardest semester because I needed to focus which…well…has not helped me at all, according to my grades.

With that thought and my dwindling bank account ( Thanks a ton, stupid car! ) I decided to put a few feelers out. One was a very handsome man, very nice, but he was interested in cuckholding and I’m not about that life so….on to the others?!

I may have just struck the jackpot with this most recent POT but I’ll find out come Thursday. He seems to be an awesome mix of young enough to be relate able, rich enough to take me to football games out of state, and chill enough to sit at home and watch Netflix on off nights. Sounds a bit too good to be true, with him already planning a trip to a NFL game at the end of the month well before our first meet. I am trying not to get my hopes up but I feel really good about this one so we will see. He is treating me to lunch today since I accidentally left mine at the other office! When I asked for his help picking, I threw a few choices out, one being a salad and another one being my fav food. He picked my favorite one so…win! I’m so grateful too, I go straight from work to school today so he is saving my butt bigtime, my body would be digesting itself for fuel midlecture. He knows I am really tight since my $600 car fix mid road trip so the fact hes this thoughtful is winning me over bigtime 🙂

If this one doesn’t work out, I may just recreate my SA profile and start from scratch. Its been forever since I updated it and now looking back, it seems so funny seeing what I wrote then compared to now, having dipped my feet a lil in the sugar bowl. What other sites besides SA are actually VALID sites to use?

Help me out, sugarbabes!


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