Literally, jackpot!

I saw a POT last night who has now solidified an arrangement with me. He shall now have a name and it shall be Andrew. Thats not his real name obviously but considering certain things, Andrew works perfectly.

So as we talked about, I went over to Andrews for some Thursday night football action. I LOVELOVELOVELOVE Football and so does he so this seemed to make sense, even though I was convinced I was going to get chopped up in to little pieces. I got his address and photo ID to send to my “keepers” I like to call them, my friends that know about sugar and know where I am at at all sugar times.

The drive was only an hour and 15 mins-ish but he texted me “On the way?How much longer?” as I was doing my make up. I quickly shot back “Hitting traffic, GPS says 1hr 35mins. I’ll be there don’t worry :)” I don’t know how SDs think the magic that is preparing for meet ups happens in such a short time frame. Maybe its part of the SBs allure that we somehow manage to pull it off much quicker than normal dates, or at least I do? Either way, I ended up on time so that’s good. The tolls are a bit of a pain which he assured me the next time he will have an ez pass for me…sweet! Would it be wrong to use that when I go to Jersey to see my girlfriend?! I don’t think he would mind….

Anyway, as I drove down the road his apartments were on, I was having panic attacks. The Apartments were looking more and more ghetto, more and more like the perfect place to shove an unsuspecting short white girl into the back of a van and no one would see a problem with it. Then suddenly it opened up to these gorgeous luxury apartments and apartment townhomes. I had never seen anything like it in my life, I was in awe. They had a convenience store at the base of the freakin buildings for crying out loud!

After some trouble finding parking, which will be solved for next time, I found my way to his door and we took the stairs ( him behind me…shocker. I got dem assets! ) to the third floor. I felt like I was in a super fancy hotel and had the urge to book it down the pristine hallway hahahaha. Such a kid.

His apartment was equally gorgeous, though somewhat small for the $2k/mo price tag. I’m not one to say anything as I’m looking at renting out freakin basements right now. His adorable cats were an easy ice breaker as I’m a crazy cat lady in training and without missing a beat, we cuddled up on the couch for football. We talked sugar horror stories, fav football players/plays, and what stadiums we have been to. He was so easy to talk to and found me pretty entertaining. He is young, early thirties, so I didn’t feel as anxious about the age gap as I had with someone like Boston. No looks to kill when we go out together like I got along the streets of Boston with…well..Boston. Lol.

After raiding his kitchen, I decided that ordering pizza was probably out best bet, total bachelor cabinets! He refused to let me get up and brought pizza to me 🙂 Total sweetheart. All he asks is that I make him smile and from last night, it wasn’t too hard!

The only POSSIBLE downside is him requesting exclusivity. On one hand, the idea bothers me as he isn’t giving me as big of an allowance as Camper does but with visits with Camper being so infrequent, I have to weigh the idea. He also understands that the only reason SBs want more than one SD is because they feel they are not being provided for. He told me if I need or want anything, just ask because he does not want to compete. He wants to provide so I do not feel the need to look elsewhere.

This could be my perfect SD match.

He told me a story of visiting an out of town SB and after spending $150 on breakfast, $300 on lunch, $700 at the mall, she ended up ditching him to go to the bar with friends and then texted later asking for her allowance. He told her absolutely not. That makes me confident that if I really DO need anything, he will provide. All of that in 1 day on an out of town SB? I’m local and more attractive, according to him.

Maybe its time to get my car all fixed and right after all!

*Crosses fingers* I hope he is serious about that NFL Game trip at the end of the month. I would die of happiness.


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