Don’t get me wrong, I’m very much enjoying this but how’s he gonna keep this up?

He booked our trip next weekend, I’m a bit bummed with the flight times since I won’t get to see a lot of the city but hey! Sitting 7 rows off the football field surely cures that! So excited. He got flowers and candies delivered to my work yesterday, he said he wants everyone to know how spoiled I am. Uh oh, questions ahoy at work.

I see him again tonight, after my spa day which I’m about to run to now. Of course my period(which he calls “Shark Week” lmfao) is due any minute, putting the brakes on some intimacy. I have one friend who loves sex during this week and I’m dying for it so towards the end of the week might be a little treat!

I hope tonight goes as smoothly as the first one, it’s my first overnight with him so we’ll see. I’ve noticed he needs reassuring every few days about our arrangement which confuses me a bit. He obviously wants exclusivity and he’s getting that….for now. Sugar exclusivity, anyway. I’m always open for something outside of sugar and just like what happened with Sir Bod A Lot, I would drop sugar in a heart beat for something like that. Amazing sex, amazing connection, and just amazing time period. But…hey…. I need money for this move!


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