Constant reassurance/annoyance.

So. Here’s the thing. I’m a straight shooter, very forward, open, and am actually pretty awful at hiding when I am displeased.

This is why I am terrified to make this phone call. Andrew feels we are not on the same page……like he has felt every other day since this started. I have a tendency to accidentally bully those types outside of sugar because they are just so….UNSURE. I’ve never been in the shoes of being unsure and insecure so openly and it has always struck me as weak. I am hoping I am able to hide my displeasure with this constant reassurance because he has shown no problem giving me whatever I need, which is nice! I have 5 gifts waiting for me when I arrive at his house for our weekend trip.

If this sugar falls through and when it ends, I think I may clock out of the sugar bowl for awhile. Thinking about a lot on the drives to/from Andrews, always interesting thoughts.

That and he hasn’t given me my god damn ezpass yet! Those tolls are getting annoying! C’mon son!


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