Hot sugars get away with murder.


So…randomly I got a random email from my first SD. The one who was to be in the city once a month but fell of the earth? The one who is so gorgeous I should be paying him to see me? Yeah. That one.

He was in town and wanted to see me. I was in the middle of a move, sick with an ear infection, and worried my little car was dying but ventured down anyway! Boy am I glad I did…..

He had a suite at a very chic hotel, which included two rooms put together. One room had a ballet bar….I knew as soon as I saw it, I would never another chance to have sex on a ballet bar in my life.

It was everything I had hoped for.

I very much enjoy his company but he started arguing with his wife shortly after, making our time somewhat awkward. He pulled out his laptop to work at which I promptly closed it and stole his attention.

“You told me you wanted my company to keep you from sitting in your room working until 2am. Is that still true?”
“Yes…you’re right. Thank you.”

He told me he throws himself in to work when he’s stressed, like we all do. He continued to argue with his wife via text, going radio silent mid conversation a few times. We got in to a discussion about marriage and he was amazed that I didn’t desire it in the least, saying I was wise beyond my years as he twirled my hair in between  his fingers.

He hasn’t emailed me since the meet and I am reminded again why he annoys me : he is back and forth with communication. I don’t want to talk to him every day but update me on the travel plans so I know when to make time for you!

It’s probably best he visits so infrequently, his personality is intoxicating and I would probably get caught up. He us just too gorgeous, funny, smart, and pays me so well…..


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