The end of Andrew.

“Good morning! What’s the plan for tonight?”
“Ummm not sure lol.”
“Okay….did you still want me to come?”
“Yeah…I just hope it’s different this time :(”

What. Seriously? Bye Andrew, you are done. Had such high hopes but pulling some teenage line like that instead of telling me what you want?

I feel like in an arrangement you should clearly state your expectations and if they are not met, speak up. Don’t wait until a week later to bring up that you’re unhappy with something the other person did.

I feel bad, like I failed by not keeping him happy but I thought he was…?!? I don’t read minds, I don’t put up with wishy washy, and I don’t handle hidden agendas. Sigh.

I don’t feel like dealing with POTs again 😦 The struggle is real.


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