So, after the whole Andrew fall out, I can’t help but feel like a bit of a failure.

I thought we were both upfront with our expectations and both were being met. I thought we were in a good, mutually beneficial, although somewhat confusing, spot. Imagine my surprise when suddenly his expectations changed and went in a direction I was not expecting.

I think given time, I would have been more open to his idea of “play” but to come so left field made me very uncomfortable. The late allowance, lack of gifts he promised…it all felt like he was trying to get more for less. Maybe it was me though? Maybe he was giving less because he felt he was receiving less?

I am not sure of the case but either way, this week was incredibly nice not having to reassure him about some random thing.

I am talking to a few POTs but after the Andrew fiasco, I am very annoyed with the sugar bowl.



2 thoughts on “Reflecting

  1. You were definitely not wrong on this case darling, sugar is built on being up front about what you want. If he can’t do that, he’s never going to be a good SD, and you’re not the one to blame for agreeing to a ‘no sex’ or whatever arrangement if that’s what he said from the beginning! His fault!

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