Moment of truth….

I received an email late the other morning from a very attractive local doctor, asking me to come play in an exchange for being spoiled. Wine, hot tub, fucking on the kitchen counter…all of the fun things were included!

I feared for this day since I decided to start a relationship. My relationship being long distance right now would allow me some “freedoms” if I wanted to do that. How would I react? Could I say no? Would I be ok afterwards?

The end result was I felt awful and sick to my stomach for even entertaining the idea of doing that to my boyfriend. I almost think he feels pressure to buy me stuff sometimes because of my past, but he assures me that’s not the case.

I’m very happy so I politely declined 🙂 Of course, the doctor made a counter offer that I ultimately ignored.

Who knew I could have a conscious!


The End.

I didn’t die, I promise!

Shortly after deciding to dip back in to the sugar bowl, I met a guy who is just…..amazing. I felt I had to be honest and told him about sugaring, probably in an attempt to self sabotage as I always do. However, he didn’t care. He adores me in a way I have never been adored and I cannot wait to spend more time with him!

He even made a joke about it on a recent out of town weekend that didn’t offend me or even come off as mean spirited. He sighed afterwards and told me how nervous he was as soon as he said it because he thought I would take it the wrong way. He quickly grabbed me and pulled me in for a kiss at a stoplight 🙂

Sorry, sugar. Money can’t beat this. Here’s hoping I don’t come back but if I do…..oh boy.